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November 6th, 2023

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The movie I worked on is now out in theatres! I was lead character designer and I had a blast (even though the client didn’t jump at all the work I did trying to come up with a new take on Santa designs, lol. I’ve worked on 3 different Xmas specials and maybe it was just me getting tired of the classical takes…but that’s what they wanted) Anyhoo, it’s a Cinemark exclusive release which means I can’t see it in Canada :(   If anyone is taking their kids to a cute little Christmas film, let me know if you see my name in the credits :D

Gisten and The Merry Mission is Build-A-Bear’s first foray into animation, and hopefully not their last! Now I need to go to the store and get a stuffy of my little dog character!


Prozac hadn’t felt the multi-media enhancements were necessary for ALL the meetings but it made the little purple bear happy and was generally harmless, and occasionally informative, when not completely distracting. In this case he popped up a chart showing his and Gimp’s food testing procedure, the dates and meals tested, and the results. He clicked through a series of photos of the sources in question and started to list the names and properties of the suspicious compounds lacing their mystery meat, and where they could all be easily found on the zoo grounds. Distressingly easy.

Evil raised his hand and Nerd ignored him. Evil grunted and waved his hand around and Nerd’s brow furrowed but he continued on listing possible pesticides from the landscaping depot that they needed to develop a test for while resolutely staring at the ceiling instead of Evil. Prozac shifted in front of Nerd and interrupted before Evil started throwing things. Everyone else’s eyes had started to glaze over anyway. “Is it relevant Evil?” 

Evil tilted his head back and forth, “Sorta.” Then he leaned forward, red eyes intent on Nerd. “Did you test the FOOD itself? What is it??” 

Everyone else went rigid in interest and Nerd sighed. He looked nervously at Prozac who dropped his head in his hand. “Fine, tell them. I imagine they’d get the info out of you another way at some point.” Nerd blanched and glared at Evil who grinned eerily. Lech waved a hand and snorted, “Just spill Nerdly. We have a wager going.”


  1. tsophiekins

    Alison I think it’s coming out in the UK??!
    I might steal a friends child and go watch. Your style really shines through on the dog!! If I hadn’t known you had worked on it I would’ve thought the characters were really similar. Congrats!!

  2. NotAnotherZeroFan

    Congrats on the movie!

    Also, you’ve kind of piqued my interest in those Santa designs (concept art nerd here :B).

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Hmm… Evil makes a good point- what on Earth is that slop the discount zoo calls food? Also, congrats on working on that movie!

  4. Cam

    @Alison: I have a Cinemark near me but it doesn’t seem to be playing there. Maybe it’s only certain locations. But I can definitely see your inspiration in the art, it’s adorable! I wanna see it just because of the art style. Hopefully, it’ll be released somewhere i can watch it at some point.

    Is it a blend of fish guts and other random meat? I’m curious too, but I’m sure it’s gross, whatever it is.

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