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October 30th, 2023

Page 904

Happy early Halloween everybody!

The twins are going to attempt making costumes this year so I need to go get lots of aluminum foil-they’re going to be baked potatoes. They also said they don’t need us to walk around with them. Guess my little spuds are growing up! :(


Gay yelled from behind where he was trying to smother Lech with a pillow while the rest of the couch cheered him on, “You kidnapped and tried to ROAST a child! That’s not easily forgotten. Dipshit.”

Evil grumbled that the brat had it coming and Vanity stared at him in adoration and Prozac felt that queazy ‘everything is going sideways’ feeling. Cara spun him around and marched him to his room, “Maybe a little pre-meeting meltdown is the best idea! I’ll get you some water.” She threw a bottle of pills at him and left. Prozac sat down on his bed and breathed. He heard the noise level steadily rise, then Cara screamed at the whole room and smoothly transitioned into a profanity laden lecture as the rest of them shut up. Prozac smiled. “That’s my girl.” He needed to tell her that since they’d gotten closer, he didn’t really need the pills anymore.

When the noise level had steadied at nothing for a sustained 15 minutes, Prozac felt it was safe to come out. He found everyone seated ramrod straight with fake grins in place. Except for Tank whose cheeks were full of…hopefully just popcorn.

Prozac winked at Cara then clapped his hands together with equally fake glee, “Ok! Family meeting, take 2!”

There was some eye rolling from the usual suspects but no one’s posture twitched and Vanity seemed to be bouncing in anticipation. Or he had to pee, maybe. Better remember to schedule a potty break part way. “So since that water poisoning incident we’ve been more watchful and Gimp and Nerd have intercepted 2 more occasions of our food being tainted.” 

Nerd let out an excited peep behind him and brought up his first visual aid. Some ominous music started to play in the background.


  1. Anonymous

    Gay is an abuser!

    (Just kidding)

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to see Cara is able to help keep things under control in the bear den. The ominous music cue has me concerned, though…

  3. Cam

    Oooh, who did they intercept? The monkeys again? I wonder if most of the zoo is conspiring against them.

    @Alison: baked potatoes!? That’s an adorable costume! Lol You should put Tank in a baked potato costume for that halloween sketch you mentioned on Patreon! Then we could get an idea of how it looked on the twins and it’d be a cute costume for Tank!

  4. Kaouse

    Speaking of things “not easily forgotten,” I still remember when Sara mind controlled everyone other than Gay and Tanked, only to have them all bash Gay until he was bloodied. That honestly sticks out to me more than anything Evil’s done, tbh. Well, aside from Steven losing an arm to a voodoo doll, but IIRC, that was partly an accident, and not premeditated assault.

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