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October 23rd, 2023

Page 903

Sambit turned 14 on Friday! Bizarre! He gets taller and more sullen every day! lol….We joke about him driving at some point. Thinking I’ll buy them a used Smart car to drive to school (there’s no bus anymore). There will be just enough room for the 3 boys and their stuff so no filling the back with friends. And I’m only going to charge it enough to get to school and back :D

@ Cam: I meant to comment back from last week and forgot, but yes! Geckos are CUTE, and I had no idea they lived so long! 12-15 years was the average we were told. I thought they’d be more like hamsters!


Nerd screeched and threw a remote at Evil. His throws were typically wild and this one was no exception, sailing across the room and smashing into the wall just above Crack. They all plugged their ears as Crack emitted a high pitched distress signal, then Nerd, red faced and sweaty, went to go get a new remote from the stash. Only 2 destroyed this week so far, might be a new record.

Prozac took the opportunity in this lull in hostilities to back Evil against the wall and get in his face, “WHAT exactly were you two up to?” Evil plucked Vanity off the floor and held him up like a shield, “Just giving Vanity a tour of the zoo!” Vanity nodded his head enthusiastically. Evil continued, laying the charm on thick, “Did you know there’s large parts he’s never been to??” Vanity shook his head sadly, letting his mouth droop into an exaggerated frown. “He’s never, EVER seen the petting zoo, or the junior zoo keepers show! What an atrocity!” Vanity fake gasped in horror and covered his eyes with his tiny paws. “I felt it was vital that he experience all this zoo has to offer since it’s his forever home now!” 

Evil smiled “sincerely” and Vanity clasped his hands together and nodded again, a slightly demented smile stretched across his punchable little face.

Prozac growled, “What’s an atrocity? The Junior Keepers show, or your blatant lying?”

Evil huffed, “Soooo suspicious. We REALLY just went to see the show. They let the kids pet spiders and stuff. It’s cool when some of them freak out.”

Prozac squeezed his eyes shut, “And did you mention to Vanity that you’re forbidden from going anywhere NEAR that part of the zoo due to past infractions?”

Vanity looked at Evil with interest but Evil dropped him and skittered away from Prozac’s reach. “Most of that was blown out of proportion, you must see that now.”


  1. Cam

    Was it really blown out of proportion, Evil? And I’m surprised Vanity is being so quiet, he usually has some sort of snarky quip. Guess he’s learning from Evil to keep his mouth shut if he wants to get away with things.

    @Alison: Yea, lots of reptiles live quite a while. My favorite geckos are the Leopard Geckos, they’re easier and so cute with their chubby tails~ Sometimes when they pounce on a cricket, they shake their tails like a cat shakes its butt before pouncing. It’s adorable~

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Dare I ask what Evil did that makes whatever happened in the Junior Keepers’ section “out of bounds”?

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