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November 13th, 2023

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Got the first snow last week, winter is coming. Which means also Christmas which started to emerge just before Halloween even hit, but has now heavily infested everywhere. So, obligatory Black Friday and etc. apparel sales where you can get my designs for the holidays :) And if you’re ordering Xmas cards…well get on that! Lol. I never get around to sending those myself, but still love getting them, which makes me feel guilty.

My favourite online artist site is Neatorama as it’s smaller and focused more on customer service, but there’s also Teepublic that has faster shipping and more options. Also INPRNT which specializes on print and card art.

Meant to comment back last week:
@NotAnotherZeroFan: I shared some off the original Santa sketches on Patreon awhile back I think, I will dig some up and post here!
@Cam: Boo! I imagine it’s a pretty small distribution, as it wasn’t originally intended for theatrical release. Hopefully it will be on streaming at some point!


Nerd clicked back to a picture of their typical week day mystery pan of goop. “This one is mostly meat broth with pork offal and other bits of poultry meal, with some kind of grain…and an oily residue I couldn’t identify.” He switched to a slide of the solid reddish mass they often got on weekends. “This one is…mostly soy.”

The room erupted and Lech jumped to his feet and bounced on the couch, “I knew it! Cheap, lazy bastards!” Gay and Sara pulled him down to stop the jostling and Vanity, straddling the back, laughed in all their faces about the superiority of bamboo. Crack was moaning about elevated female hormone levels and Death was cracking his knuckles. Evil squawked that Nerd’s methodology was suspect and he and Lech were probably colluding to influence the results. Nerd was noisily offended on behalf of himself and the scientific method, while Cara looked on in confusion. Prozac knew she was partial to tofu and tried to signal to her to just drop it. One less arguing voice would be helpful, but then Murder joined the fray. The goose honking started to drown out everything else and Prozac found himself impressed with the volume that bird could generate, especially in this enclosed and echoing space.

Everyone winced and put their hands over their ears, except for Crack who seemed to calm down despite the cacophony. He gave Murder a pat on the head and the goose shut off mid honk.


  1. Madeleine

    I need that goose in our office meetings.

  2. NotAnotherZeroFan

    @Alison: Cool! I appreciate it! Feel free to take your time though because I know stuff has been hectic for you lately too.

    Also, the thought popped into my head last week but didn’t think to look into it until now, but Build-A-Bear has released a few other movies via DVD and streaming so it’s possible this movie could be released those ways at a later date. And, yes, I know it’s not the the same as a theater, but for me it’s typically more about the piece of media itself and not where/how you watch it.

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Wonder what set Murder off… Poor fella probably couldn’t stand so much noise.

  4. Circeus

    I take it Murder knows the word “Poultry”.

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