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July 3rd, 2023

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Happy late Canada Day to all who celebrate, and an early Happy USA Day. I was hoping we’d be closer to doing those drone light shows instead of fireworks, but we still had lots of random people setting them off all evening. Perhaps I’m just too old, but I don’t find those interesting anymore. And the day after the park is always littered with cardboard bits and debris. At least the dogs didn’t seem to perturbed by it all

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Her tongue was swelling in her mouth but she managed to open her muzzle and make some kind of pathetic noise, not that she could hear it. But Steven turned back, loosening her hold fractionally. Enough that Sara gained some wheezing room. Blood was pounding in her head, flowing from her nose, and maybe bleeding in her skull? Because everything seemed tinted red.

Cara was trying to shift Steven’s foot off poor Murder’s skinny neck. The bird lay mangled and gasping and Sara felt an odd rush of sympathy, more worried about the silly goose, and Crack, then she was for herself. Which was strange. Maybe she’d been around those idiot bears for too long.

Cara had maintained a distracting litany of mundane observations and pleading. The tears were running out so she kept her mouth going. “There now, he’s really a very friendly bird once you get to know him. He’s like a therapy animal for my friend back at the bear den, and I know you have no reason to want to help him out but he’s really just a gentle soul that you can’t help but want to nurture…except when he went crazy murdery…but we’re told that was just a phase and really, who hasn’t gone through a bit of irrational psychosis? Right?”


  1. ShennyNerd

    I’m loving the dichotomy of us seeing what Cara is saying, and seeing how Steven is interpreting everything.

  2. Nicole

    Steven’s listening! I wonder if this is strategy on Cara’s part or if she has kinda gone to her happy place.

  3. T-Shaw

    A little sympathy I guess?

  4. Todd Maccarone

    I’m surprised at how long Cara’s been keeping this going. Also, Steven is so lost… poor lady. At least she seems to recognize she might’ve taken things a bit too far.

  5. Cam

    Steven seems perplexed. Lol I wonder if she might be enjoying Cara’s ramblings or wondering about Crack or having her own therapy pet. I’m not giving up hope that they might become friends.

    @Alison: Happy Canada day and USA day! There were some people still popping fireworks where i live too, despite it being illegal. Luckily, it didn’t seem as bad this time. I wish fireworks were only for designated areas or only available for public shows/festivals instead of general public.

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