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June 26th, 2023

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Last week of school! So SAD! The twins had their grade 6 grad ceremony on Thursday. We took them out for birthday sushi beforehand and I made them take off their fancy shirts and leave them in the car. Owen STILL managed to spill soy sauce in his lap before ANY food even arrived. I don’t think they’re ready for high school, maybe they should re-start in grade 1 or something…


Cara blubbered, tears and snot rolling down her face. It was a full ugly cry and Sara didn’t think it would work. But worth a try, she supposed.

“If you snap my sister’s neck I’ll be all alone! Please Steven! Please let her down, and we’ll leave immediately! Seriously! We meant no harm, we just went for a …. walk?”

Sara tried to snort, but didn’t have the breath. Pathetic. But then, both of them were really. What the hell were they doing here any way? Thrown to the proverbial wolves, only the zoo wolves weren’t so bad. They mostly kept to themselves, occasionally made catty comments, and were annoyingly loud on full moons.

Steven’s eyes narrowed and her lips pulled back, baring all kinds of strong pointed teeth. Too many teeth.

Cara switched tactics, but kept the tears flowing. 

“It’s sooooo nice to meet another female bear! We’re really quite outnumbered! Perhaps in the spirit of female solidarity you could…not crush my sister’s windpipe?” Her breath heaved a little as she gasped and gulped. Sara began to think Cara was overdoing it, but not much she could do. Perhaps move a toe? Then she realized her limbs were already twitching out of her control and the edges of her vision were going dark.


  1. Nicole

    Please, Stephen!!!

    @Alison: I can’t believe the twins have grown up so quickly!

  2. S.L


    Also sounds like she’s sort of dying not getting freed.

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Really hoping that Steven will let Sara go… She’s hardly pleasant, but even she doesn’t deserve death like this!

  4. Cam

    C’mon Steven, you’re usually the odd one out amongst your crass roomates. Wouldn’t you like more civil company? Well, maybe not that civil… Actually, i have a feeling Steven and Sara would get along if Steven turns out more hoydenish like Sara. If she releases her before strangling her to death anyway.

    @Alison: how did Owen get soy sauce on himself without any food yet? Lol I think they’ll be fine in high-school though, as i remember my high-school days, students weren’t very mature or graceful, especially not at first, it took at least a year or two for most to get even close to that point.

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