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June 19th, 2023

Page 886

I will refrain from complaining about new house deficiencies this week, and instead complain that there’s barely 2 weeks of school left. The twins have barely 2 weeks of grade 6 left, and then they’re off to high school. ALREADY. Where has the time gone?? Their grad ceremony is this Thursday. Apparently the school is making them rehearse it twice. All they have to do is listen for their name and walk up, sounds like the school staff isn’t too confident in their abilities to perform those tasks…lol. Makes me think there’s no way they’re ready for high school :D

Vote incentive: summer themed ninja tee design from a while ago. I miss doing tee design, hard to find the time these days :(


Steven noticed her gaze and snarled. “I might only have one paw, but it’s big enough to crush your skinny neck. WHAT are you doing here?!” 

Sara gasped and wheezed and reached out. There was not a speck of purple in Steven’s angry gaze so she pushed harder. Her reward was a gush of blood from her nose and Steven’s eyes flicked down. He growled in disgust as it dribbled over his arm. His hold loosened slightly and Sara managed a tiny breath, then her eyes widened as her senses finally caught up. Unfortunately she didn’t have the capacity to gasp out. But Cara did.

“You’re a girl!” She pointed at Steven in shock.

Steven rolled her eyes and sniffed. “You’re an idiot.”

Cara put her hands on her hips, squared off against the polar bear towering over her, threw her head back and-

Burst into tears.

Now Sara rolled her eyes, but was honestly surprised her sister hadn’t gotten to this sooner.


  1. ShennyNerd

    What a tweest!

  2. Nicole

    Such a plot twist! Wow!

  3. Madeleine

    Steven the gal!

  4. NotAnotherZeroFan

    Wait, wut?

    No, seriously, if that’s the case then this potentially changes everything.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    So, Steven’s a girl… Man, she’s had it beyond rough. Poor lady… Also, poor tiger that the other Polaris stole that limb from- that thing’s practically shriveled down to nothing!

  6. Roscuro

    I get whiplash every time you mention how old your kids are. I’ve been following this comic since before the twins were born, I remember you talking about wanting to try for a second kid and then getting more than you bargained for. It doesn’t feel like that long ago and now they’re about to go into high school. Shits crazy.

  7. Cam

    Oh, wow, sorry for always assuming you were male, Steven. O.O But I’m still hoping Steven becomes friends with them. Since she’s a girl, maybe she’ll bond with Sara and Cara over complaining about their annoying male roomies. Lol

    @Alison: Wait, the twins are heading to high school!? I kept thinking of them being younger. I feel old now.

  8. Chasey

    I would LOVE if this somehow ends up with Steven becoming friends with them. Having an ally among the Polars would be a nice bonus too

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