June 12th, 2023


We are moved!
Mostly. Lots of little things still at the old house but we have a little over a month to clean out and clean up. And bridge loans are dumb expensive.
We moved last Saturday, finally got internet again on Tuesday. Mostly. There are cables vomiting from every relevant orifice in this place and Jim and the internet guy wandered around looking confused for a bit. Now we have a cable strung across the basement and taped to the floor :( Not sure when this will be resolved.
The oven is broken. The heating coil in the roof is cracked in 3 places and full on broken in another. One end is drooping a bit and powder rained down when I poked it. Pretty pissed at previous owners as there’s no way they weren’t aware, even the repair guy was like “I’ve never seen one this bad.” Also pissed the inspector missed it but we’ll still try to get the $400 repair bill out of old owners. Took a couple days to calm down, then tried to dry a load of laundry….that will be another $300 to fix the broken/melted heating unit. This house is not much older than our previous but just more worn, like what were they doing?? I can’t fathom how some of the wall damage happened, our toilet handle is cracked, some of the window cranks are broken, the fridge is pretty worn down and all the drawers are janky. The back yard (and front) are covered completely in interlock cause dude didn’t like mowing, and the dogs won’t pee on it. I’m afraid the furnace will blow up when we turn it on in the winter… BUT the view of green out the back is lovely (behind us is a path and a park) and the neighbour hood kids (they all go to the same school) have been turning up at our door. And the office has a closable door so we can tune all the din OUT :D

So. We are discombobulated still but acclimating. Need to get caught up on work and finish unpacking/packing up the old house (which already smells totally different just because it’s mostly empty? It’s so weird every time I go in there.)
Hope you all had a productive last week too!


  1. Nicole

    Congrats on the new place! I hope all the loose ends get tied up quickly for you. <3

  2. Todd Maccarone

    This may be a simple filler page, but it’s still delightful to see some of the bears carrying boxes of stuff. Also, the goose looks so proud with a plushie sitting on his back.

  3. Madeleine

    Maybe the previous owners had furnished the place with scrap and junk to begin with, just for lack of money?

  4. Cam

    I’m sorry there’s so much that needs to be addressed in the new house, i hope you’ll be able to resolve things easily. How did the inspector miss so many messed up contrivances? Idk what Canada’s disclosure laws are like, but hopefully you can get the owners or something to pay for everything that needs repairing.

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