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July 10th, 2023

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So…having fun with banking this month. Missing wire from our real estate lawyer is going on 6 weeks now. At first their bank and our bank were blaming each other, but it’s pretty clear now that our bank screwed up and put our money in someone else’s account (same number, different transit number, OBVIOUSLY DIFFERENT NAME ON THE ACCOUNT) but now it’s gone or something and they’ve been “looking into it” for weeks. Our lawyer is considering litigation, as lawyers are wont to do, and we’re just scratching our heads as to how this is not already resolved…the bank lost our money so…the bank should pay us back?? Like immediately??
And I’ll tell you all about our CRA issue next week (that would be Canada’s tax revenue system)

UNSTEALTHIEST NINJA is back featured on Shirt Woot this week! That’s my all time top selling tee design which is awesome as it’s more of an original piece and not a pop culture ref :D


Cara cringed, then smiled her brightest and most endearing. “Except for you of course, my friend! You’re probably the most stable individual I’ve met. Why look at the great injury you’ve sustained and yet you continue on in such a- a noble fashion!”

OMG thought Sara. Best to remind her of her bear induced dismemberment, that’ll do it!

Cara seemed to have come to the same realization. Her eyes widened as her smile faltered. “So! How about a trade!!”

This tactic seemed to confuse Steven, and her grip slackened. Sara sagged in relief, then heaved involuntarily, throwing up over Steven’s arm.

Everyone froze, staring in horror/fascination/disgust as the waterlogged vomit dripped down Steven’s white fur and onto Murder’s back. Sara could smell fish? She hadn’t eaten fish in weeks. Then she dropped unexpectedly to the ground. Poor Murder broke her fall and she sprawled in a graceless heap, streaked with blood and vomit. Lovely.


  1. Todd Maccarone

    Well, that was… gross. At least Sara’s not in danger of being choked to death anymore…

  2. tsophiekins

    TheY LOST your money?!?1 Oh my word Alison thats terrible. Really hope you get it back. Can you go to the local media to push a bit? I’d never want to bank with a bank like that ever!

  3. NotAnotherZeroFan

    All I’ll say is do everything withing your power to get that money back. There’s no legitimate excuse for a bank to eff up that badly.

  4. Nicole

    Whew! Sara’s got a breather at least!

    @Alison: Damn! Yes, the bank should pay you back and work out the issue later! Hope it is fixed in a hurry.

  5. Anonymous

    You. Fucking. Deserved. It. For making a promiscuous character like Lech bi, contributing for the stigma against us! Bi pride!

  6. Cam

    @Alison: I’m so sorry that happened to you. I hope you get the money back from the bank and switch to a new one that doesn’t make such ridiculous mistakes. And don’t listen to that anonymous nonentity, they don’t speak for all bi people. Promiscuity is just in Lech’s character, not his sexuality and anyone with even an ounce of percipience would be able to tell that.

  7. NotAnotherZeroFan

    @Anon: You are way effing out of line.

    Cam is right; promiscuity was always Lech’s main character point even before the reveal, so that neither changes my perception of him (he’s still a jerk), or of bi people (which, by the way, I’ve only recently learned of that stereotype and never thought of bi people that way even prior).

    On top of that, all the bears are based of of stereotypes in the first place, and I’ve still yet to see anyone complain about any of the others.

    Stereotypes (and also this comic) are not reality and if someone wants to believe stuff like that about people without getting to actually know an individual from that group instead, that’s on them, not you. I say this a person that defies many stereotypes myself.

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