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April 24th, 2023

Page 880

Whew guys, sorry I missed last Monday’s update (if you want notice of stuff like that follow us on FB or Twitter (lol) or Instagram) I was hardly at my computer all weekend. We had 2 showings on Saturday and an open house on Sunday and just lots of cleaning and clearing out. Super tired of this whole process and even when we do sell, still all the hassle and logistics of packing and moving and setting up again to look forward to :(
I’m sure it will be worth it in the end but… yuck.

Vote incentive: Evil gets a new weapon curtesy of Terry the Hogrider (get CLASH book 1 sooooon!!)


Both girls jerked their gaze up. Two long necked giraffe heads jutted over the wall. They stuck their long ugly tongues out and sniffed in disdain. The taller one sneered at them. “Idiot bears. Stay with your own kind and stop leaving your disgusting predator stench all over the zoo.” They pulled back their stupid long necks and sauntered off.

Sara grumbled. “I feel like we’re missing some context.” Cara turned quickly, treading water. “Did your mojo stop working!?” 

Sara jerked. That would not be ideal. “I think because I lost focus…”

Cara spun in circles. “Well get it back, because I think we’re going to need it.” Sara turned to the ledge and found it disturbingly empty. She had a second of blind panic, then a pale shape burst from the water beneath her and dragged her down.

Her next rational thought was surprise at how much water could come out of her stomach. Or maybe everything she was throwing up was coming from her lungs. Sure felt like it as pain seared across her chest. Some of that was probably from the fall. She heard Cara cough beside her, and then Dump and Truck leaned over them both and blocked out the sun.


  1. Tjimmy1999

    I’m noticing a pattern with these giraffes pushing the bears into dangerous animal dens whenever they see them.

  2. NotAnotherZeroFan

    Not to be that kind of person, but I personally stay off of all of those sites for various reasons (and I doubt I’m the only one).

    Also Kinda makes me feel crappy to even bring it up considering your comic has been the most consistent with updates and with the fact that no-one can be on every site in existence. :/

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Ah, it’s the giraffes. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were the masterminds who had the bears escalate the war going on between the zoo animals; while they aren’t violent, Evil using voodoo dolls hardly did them any favors. Also, that didn’t last long- the girls got busted easily!

  4. Nicole

    And it’s ON! :0

  5. Cam

    Oh! It was the giraffes! I agree with @Todd Maccarone i wouldn’t be surprised if they had a hand in what’s going on with the bears. Hell, i wouldn’t be surprised if there was no specific mastermind and just a club of animals that had run-ins with the bears (mostly Evil) and decided together to get back at them. BAA Bear Abuse Anonymous, lol.

    @Alison: Sorry it’s been so rough for you, moving is super stressful, but i hope you’ll be able to relax soon. And don’t mind us, take care of yourself, pause the comic as long as you need, don’t let yourself overstress or burnout.

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