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April 10th, 2023

Page 879

Happy Easter!

My kids amazed me yet again at how unobservant they are when we had to point out where the hidden chocolate was (and both twins even picked up the blanket the eggs were hidden in). My dogs also have fun searching out rabbit treats in our yard. I have the kids trawling through the back yard for poops before house showings, should I do the same in the front? the bunnies are using my planters out front as toilets :(

Vote incentive: sorry, keep forgetting to update this. I didn’t have any time for a new Easter specific image but this one does have EGG in it, and is from Sam’s favourite show. The twins were having none of it…


Cara pointed, “That’s Butch right? And, uh…Shank? Tank?”

Sara shrugged, “Rank? Don’t care enough to smell them apart.” Climbing down was going to be fun. She leaned over a little more. That ledge to the left would make a good starting point. “As long as Dork and Sludge are sleeping, now’s a good time-“ She cut off abruptly as she caught a whiff of another presence, maybe more than one? Then a sudden force slammed into her back and sent her over the edge.

She smacked belly and face first into the cold water, pain radiating on both sides of her torso. She came up gasping and saw Cara slice cleanly between the waves she’d generated. So much nicer than her ungainly fall. Cara surfaced and laughed. “That was so lady like! A picture of grace.”

Sara spat water in her smug face. “OMG! Why is everything a competition with you?”

Cara snarled. “Not now, remember?”

Sara gaped. “You started it!”

A nasally voice drifted down, dripping with derision. “Pathetic.”


  1. Nicole

    Cara pushed her in? lol!!

  2. Cam

    Cara becomes so snarky when she’s with Sara. Lol

    Who does the nasally voice belong to? I was guessing Evil, but I never imagined his voice as nasally.

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Charming to see these two can still have fun, even in a dangerous situation. My money says the nasally voice belongs to Steven, the polar bear with the tiger limb for an arm.

  4. Chasey

    Based on his history, I’d be surprised if Steven could talk, but I’ll love it if it turns out he’s actually able!
    For some reason, my first thought was a monkey having the nasally voice, but no idea how that works here, so it’s just me thinking monkeys have nasally voices, I guess, lol

  5. Delakando

    Just kind of curious but is this the new format? No more comic and actually a single artwork piece with a tale to read?

  6. Athlone

    No update?

  7. Jeroen

    Soo recognizable :-) My almost 13 year old went trough all the kitchen drawers looking for easter eggs last Sunday, mainly because my wife claimed she ate them all. The two bags were on the counter in plain sight…

  8. Jordan

    It’s gotta be the giraffes or the monkeys. I’m thinking monkeys since Sara was able to sniff out more than one.

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