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April 3rd, 2023

Page 878

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, SO MUCH CLEANING.


Sara slowly knocked her head against the concrete a few times. Way to go. Stew all morning in her own anxiety and then selfishly spew it all over Cara, stirring up HER insecurities. At possibly one of the worst times she could pick.

Time to change the subject. “I don’t really think Evil is heartless.”

Cara looked at her in surprise, then smiled. “No, but he does like to hide it.” She popped her head over the barrier again, watching two of the polars drag their bulk onto the rock ledge. “If you’re still trying to think of some way to get vengeance I think giving him a big hug out of nowhere would be the most unsettling thing you could do to him.”

Sara’s eyebrows rose. “I definitely can’t beat him at his own game…”

A noise from below drew her attention. One of the brutes was yawning loudly, the other was already stretched out in the sun. Time to focus. “There’s Dumb and Dumber. Wonder where the third one is?”



  1. ShennyNerd

    Uh oh, something tells me there’s no fish to be had.

  2. Nicole

    Oh, boy. Here we go!

  3. murphy

    Uh oh, Steven’s gonna be right behind them isn’t he?

  4. Todd Maccarone

    Somehow, I doubt Steven is gonna be too serious a threat… Unless, of course, someone decided to turn him into an even bigger freak of nature (courtesy of more limb damage- yikes!).

  5. NotAnotherZeroFan

    Behind you. :)

  6. Cam

    Did the polars get skinnier/muscular? They were floof-ier before, but now there’s more ribs showing. Idk if they bulked up or just lost weight.

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