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March 27th, 2023

Page 877

2nd house inspection went well! Minor normal stuff, typical of a 13 yr old house. We will probably need to replace the furnace in a few years but they had some shingles tear off in a really bad wind storm we had nearly a year ago, and instead of replacing them they just had the whole roof re-done. And for whatever reason, they dropped 150k on interlock across THE WHOLE LOT. There’s not a single blade of grass left. It’s…too much. What does it cost to undo something like that?? We want SOME lawn, for boys and dogs to run on, and gardening and stuff. Just to visually break up all the stone! It’s funny how people can have such different tastes about things (the whole damn house is also cream, ugh.) With that money they could have put in a pool or something…

Text: Cara rolled her eyes and hissed through gritted teeth. “Now is not the time to have your crisis of identity again. Love that you’re working on yourself, but it’s making you paranoid and self centred. And freaking inconvenient.” She pulled Sara closer and spoke slowly so her sometimes idiot sister would listen. “You’re not a heartless monster who hurts others on purpose. You’re a prickly jerk who’s been through some stuff and pushes others away on instinct because you can’t trust and you don’t like the idea of your happiness being dependant on others whom you can’t control. And you can’t make people like you. TRULY like you. Coward.”

She let go and pushed Sara back. “Hell, half the time I don’t like you either.” She turned away, narrowed her eyes, turned back. “And stop internalizing ‘Crazy Bitch’. I use it as a term of endearment.”

Sara blinked, lower jaw slack. She probably looked like an idiot. She was uncharacteristically quiet, trying to get her brain to process that rant and come up with a suitable come back, so she heard Cara mutter under her breath. “Being the monster is my job…”


  1. Nicole

    I just love these sisters. <3
    @Alison: Sounds like the house is turning out to be a winner! Although no yard at all? Works for a single lady like me, but I understand how kids sure need one!

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Well, this page pulled no punches.

  3. Cam

    Daaaamn, Cara…. That being said, i love when seemingly sweet, shy characters can pull out a “bitch mode” to tell off others when they need to. I wish i had such prowess.

    Glad the house sounds reasonable. No true yard sucks, but the kids could still play on it, and you can garden using planters, but the dogs are kind of sol unless you dig part of it up and plant grass, or build one of those porch potty boxes. I wish you luck, however things go.

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