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March 20th, 2023

Page 876

Still kind of house hunting, though we think we’ve settled on one, just waiting to go through the inspection process again. This house is only 13 yrs old so hopefully no big issues, but we were standing in the basement looking through (fortunately big) windows and could see a crack in the neighbour’s foundation…

TEXT: Cara nudged her shoulder. “Maybe they’re sleeping? That would make this easier.” Then movement caught their attention. Pale shapes appeared, swimming up from the deep. Sara shivered, remembering the feeling as that pale bulk rose beneath her in that stupid little floaty. She still hadn’t paid Evil back for that…and she had the discouraging thought that whatever she tried would just amuse him. She’d likely end up in a war of escalation she wasn’t equipped for. Then she rolled her eyes and berated herself. No point feeling inadequate that you couldn’t compete with a probable psychopath. 

A sudden stab of uncertainty made her turn to her sister. “I’m not REALLY like Evil, right? Like maybe just a little bit but on balance-“

Cara pinned her ears back and grabbed Sara’s muzzle, shutting her up. “This again? Really?”

Sara scrunched her face.


  1. T-Shaw

    She’s kind of like Evil.
    In a way..

  2. NotAnotherZeroFan

    Oh my god, that last image, lol.

    Also, don’t feel bad, Sara; we all have a little Evil in us. XD

  3. Can never decide on a name

    Evil’s clone was a psychopath, yes, but Evil himself is a sociopath. Yes, I am aware there is officially no difference, but the most common use is that a psychopath is not capable of compassion, while a sociopath has difficulty with it, but is still capable of it.

  4. Todd Maccarone

    Sara thinks she’s as bad as Evil? I only agree with that sentiment in one case- her musk. Everything else, I’m not completely convinced.

  5. Nicole

    @Alison: Oh, I hope this new house works out! As long as there’s no cracks in your basement, you’re good! :)

  6. Cam

    Don’t worry, Sara, everyone is as bad as Evil when it’s convenient for them. Like when Prozac spiked those Christmas oranges.

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