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March 13th, 2023

Page 875

Looking at houses all this week, ugh. I remember having fun with this process in previous rounds, this time feels more stressful. The owners of the house we gave up on after scary inspection report finally chose to believe us and pulled up some of the flooring in the basement, turns out the water damage was more extensive than anyone thought. They may be trying to go through insurance to fix some of it… hoo boy.
Meanwhile, trying to crank through Clash pages, finish my day job assignments, waiting for editorial on the other not yet announced book AND starting to prep this place to sell is going to be……fun. Hope you all have a great week! You know where my head is at lol.

Text: Pink and purple ear tips peeked slowly over the concrete rim of the fence around the polar pool.the purple ones stayed perky, the pink ones flattened back. The girls froze, listening intently, but nothing sounded off. They eased their noses above the side and peered down.

The enclosure was large, dominated by a deep pool, the water dark enough it was hard to make out the bottom. There was a rocky ledge on one side where the bears could sun themselves next to the glass visitor’s window. On the opposite side was their cave hideaway, an ominous mouth in the cliff side, rough hewn and edged with sharpened teeth. Sara blinked and it looked like a simple cave entrance, naturally dark against the sun bright day.

No sign of big, furry assholes.

Sara bit her lip, eyes tracing the fake cliff sides for the easiest path down. Well, the easiest path down would be a repeat of her last experience, but she’d rather avoid that. That water was damn cold. It would also be rather loud, and probably involve lots of thrashing on her part. Cara was the better swimmer.


  1. Nicole

    Be brave, girls!
    @alison: Good luck with the house hunt!

  2. murphy

    Oooh booy this is gonna be something!

  3. Todd Maccarone

    I don’t trust this- empty enclosure, no sign of the polar bears… This has “death trap” written all over it!

  4. Cam

    @Alison: I wish you luck, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Make sure to make time to relax too though.

    What if the polars are inside playing poker and Sara’s pheromones don’t work but she turns out to secretly be great at poker and cleans the polars out of their fish? Then Sara ends up on their good side and gets invited to poker games sometimes.

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