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March 6th, 2023

Page 874

Site wide sale on tees/etc. at Neatoshop ends today, I don’t know when. I am so informed.

So. That house we kind of loved (needed major updating, then I figure we’d love it) had an inspection on Monday and it did NOT go well. It’s a 30 yr old house, we expected stuff, but damn did the list just keep going. Jim’s face turned more and more green with every room we walked through. Foundation cracks, mold, water damage, replace half the windows, and if you don’t want a lake in the garage then probably about 5k to re-pour the floor. And the fireplace absolutely will not pass a WETT cert so your insurance company will probably laugh at you, and charge you more. And did you know showers can die? We were going to re-do the bathrooms at some point but they were both “exceeded their life expectancy” , and the newer shower in the slightly more recently finished basement was deemed “poorly installed and also should go.” lol. Ugh. A little disappointing, we really love the area and the boys could walk to school. Homeowners were maybe slightly offended at our reaction and demanded to do a walk thru with the inspector themselves. Whatever, go for it, he can paid twice for the same work. But they did nothing, updated nothing, didn’t even maintain the tree out front that was causing roofing damage.



Cara turned and stuck her tongue out, and got distracted by the slap of webbed feet on stone behind them. A large goose waddled in their wake, purple gaze locked on her sister. “Isn’t that Murder? Since when does your thing work on birds?”

Sara turned, mistakenly making eye contact with Crack’s new bestie/therapy tool. Murder’s eyes lit up and he honked in excitement and tried to speed closer, knocking down a line of ground hogs in his haste. The outraged squeaking upset the larger ones and they all started to swarm. She sent a calming pulse down the thin connection binding the love sick animals. They slowly dropped to the ground, half asleep. “I’ve been trying to actively intensify the effect. It seems to be working.”

Cara’s eyebrows jumped. “How long can you keep that up?” Sara grimaced. Subduing all these rodents wasn’t helping. “I have no idea.”

Cara pulled a fat, limp raccoon off a pile of mice, worried they’d suffocate. She rolled Murder into the recovery position and straightened. “Well, let’s hurry then.”

They grabbed paws and took off.


  1. Todd Maccarone

    Well, that’s impressive (if somewhat unnerving). Sara’s gaining more skill with controlling her musk. I’m not sure whether to be happy for her, or more concerned. She’s attracting so much lately…

  2. Nicole

    The girls are so cute running hand in hand!

    @alison: Ugh! Sorry about the house. I saw “mold” and thought RUN!!! Totally not worth it.

  3. Cam

    @Alison: Wow, that house sounds like complete dissaray. Even at 30 years old it shouldn’t be that bad, seems like they did nothing to take care of it.

    Murder cuddling up to Sara is so cute~ It’s also interesting to see how much control Sara has on her zombie paramours, hopefully it works on the polars a little.

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