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February 13th, 2023

Page 871

Happy Monday all! It’s supposed to get up to +9 this week, so irregular weather continues.
Oldest spawn’s first chrome book lasted longer than I thought it would. He’s in grade 8 now so he had it a year and a half before it broke (not all his fault I suppose, some class troglodyte knocked it out of his hands last year so the casing was already cracked.) Problem is, of the 3 boys, he’s actually the most responsible with his stuff. Owen keeps forgetting to bring his back pack home…HOW? HOW DOES ONE DO THAT? So now I’ve had to buy 3 (there was a sale) since the twins are off to gr 7 next year (THOSE LITTLE DORKS ARE ALMOST IN HIGHSCHOOL??)  I’ll put their’s away till Sept. Maybe we should place bets on how long they last :(

Gone are the days of you just need binders/paper/pencils, and a good calculator.


“Plus Prozac told me he loved me and if I didn’t return, he’d wait for your lady disease to wear off, rage quit, and go recover my remains from the polar habitat.” Cara twirled in place, eyes shining, and clasped her paws over her heart. “He said he’d make sure I had a beautiful resting place. Isn’t that so thoughtful?” She smiled, somewhat foolishly in Cara’s opinion but she supposed it was a normal smile. “It’s been almost 30 days since he last lost it, and he’s even weened himself off the pills! Yet he’d risk his sanity for my sake!”

Fresh tears spilled from her eyes and her smile wobbled. Sara grunted. “Not. Helping.”

Cara’s goofy smile wobbled right off her face and she glared at Sara. “Stop trying to police my feelings. I’m allowed to have them. And as my litter mate, you get to have them too!” She poked Sara in the arm with one claw. “Apparently it’s my job to have all the feelings for both of us.” She dissolved into muttering under her breath, Sara catching only the occasional word, like “desert” and “heartless”, and “harridan”. 

Sara grimaced and started to climb. This old argument again. It always made her uncomfortable. Nothing better than someone pointing out those awkward things you half acknowledge about yourself…and don’t know what to do about. As grating as Lech’s company could be, at least he didn’t pry or ask annoying questions.


  1. gridsleep

    Calculator? Those didn’t show up until I was in middle school.

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Well, it’s nice to see Prozac has prepared for how poorly the thing with the Polaris is gonna go. It’s like he knew someone is going to die… What a mess. Here’s looking at you both, Sara and Cara.

  3. Cam

    Wow, I’ve forgotten lots of things, but i don’t think I’ve been so bad as to forget a backpack at school. My ADHD is impressed. Lol

    I hope things go well for the girls and the polars. Hopefully, Sara’s pheromones work, or if it doesn’t, they bargain their lives with Nerd building Stephen a new robotic arm or something.

  4. Nicole

    Can’t wait to see how this goes…:D

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