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February 6th, 2023

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More weird weather! Who else ‘loved’ the arctic blast we got over the last couple of days? Down to minus30 during the day (didn’t want to check the wind chill) and then plus 2 on Sunday lol. Fortunately our furnace issues happened LAST week (3 days without heat is always a blast….ugh)

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They’d probably snap out of their pheromone comas with some time and distance. They were getting a lot more exposure than any other animals she’d been around, perhaps they’d develop an immunity? Then Lech tried to lick her elbow and Nerd came out of nowhere to pull him away and take his place. She pried Nerd’s teeth from Lech’s hip, pulled Vanity off her leg, and thought about her options.

3 heads securely duct taped to the back of the couch and it was time to find Cara.

And face her doom. Potential doom. Either way, it was going to be a bad day.

Gay walked in with a bowl of popcorn and surveyed the seating arrangements. “Nice! TV’s all mine.” 

Sara found her sister outside, crying softly. She rolled her eyes and thwacked Cara on the back of the head. “Stop that. Not helping.”

Cara took a theatrically deep breath and wiped her face. “Can’t help it. It’s SUCH a beautiful morning! And it’s so contrary to the creeping sense of dread I’m currently feeling.” She grabbed Sara’s arm and angled them towards the old oak that Evil called the ‘Escape Tree’.


  1. T-Shaw

    Oh cool, movie night!
    What’s your favorite?

  2. murphy

    Aaaww, lech already relaxing around gay.
    true luv breaks luv potion if movies taught anything.

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Hmm… Lech seems to have some immunity. Either that, or him reacting to Sara’s pheromones has him unable to distinguish between male and female anymore (maybe?). At any rate, nice to see him calm.

  4. Nicole

    Oh, girls! Be safe!

  5. Cam

    Maybe they are getting an immunity, Lech seems to recognize Gay and is smiling at him and Nerd seems annoyed/puzzled about the tape on his head.

  6. Chiaroscuro

    Lech/Gay slow romance has been great, and this is cute. :)

  7. S.L

    Lech snapping out of it a little is cute!

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