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January 30th, 2023

Page 869

We’ve had soooo much snow come down this year and it’s not even February. Plus the temperatures for January have been really high, this past weekend was only -1 out, super warm for this time of year. Or maybe no longer and the norm will be warmer and snowier/more precipitation. Every year I wonder if it will be too warm for the canal to ice over and Winterlude and all that (local winter festival in Ottawa/Gatineau) And then I watch another climate change denier whine about whatever…

Anyway, vote incentive! Patreon sketch for Nicole for New Year’s! Left it cleaned inks in case anyone wants to colour it :)

Forgot to post the text again:

Sara heaved Lech onto the couch and tried to prop him upright with pillows. She tied a dishtowel around his neck to catch the drool and refrained from putting something dumb and embarrassing in his hand, or writing idiocy on his face with a sharpie. Go her! Maturity was boring sometimes though.

A wild skittering of claws on stone gave her a moment of warning and then Vanity was in her face. The kid had too much energy, and always went in for hugs in this state. She had to exert a little more will to calm him, and dropped him on the couch beside Lech. She debated taping the remote to his hand but then it would be sticky and they’d all have to deal with that. Maybe if she left it in the middle of the floor they would find it. OR, she could take a play out of Evil’s book and hide it behind the TV. That was always a good time.


  1. murphy

    Sara’s like it’s too early deal with this…

  2. Todd Maccarone

    So, most of the bears turn into drooling zombies at this point, but Vanity takes on the aspect of… the Hunter from “Left 4 Dead”, only he hugs instead of killing? That’s kinda cool.

    Also, just curious, but do you plan to do anymore origin stories for the bears? If so, are they going to be done in this new style, or back in the old comic format? Just asking.

  3. Cam

    Aw, Vanity’s actually kind of cute when he’s being affectionate.

    Geezum, -1C (30F) is super warm for y’all this time of year? Where i live, that’s freezing temperatures. It’s been an average of 60F (about 16C) for me, but it’ll get down to mid 30s-F (1-2C) some nights and that’s cold enough.

  4. Nicole

    @Cam: yes, Alison lives in Canada so they’re used to cold temps! Freezing isn’t all that cold. Cold is when you get below zero farenheit!

  5. Cam

    @Nicole: Yea, i can barely handle 30F let alone below 0F. I’d turn into a popsicle.

  6. Nicole

    @Cam: I hear you! I live in WA state and I am used to cold temps, but I hate when it gets in the teens or lower!

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