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January 23rd, 2023

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My mother turned 69 last week. It’s going to be a year of my grown ass brothers sniggering about it. And probably my sons.

Vote incentive: Xmas sketch request from our Patreon.

Text: Sara looked at her artfully arranged plate. “I’ll go eat outside.” “Nonsense!” Gay snorted. “Damage done. Just do me a favour and drag him out of the entryway so no one trips over him.” He turned back to the cutting board and grumbled. “The big moron knew what day it was and he couldn’t do the smart thing and clear out for the afternoon.”

So Sara and Gay enjoyed a quiet lunch for once. The stiff courtesy they once employed had mellowed significantly. Instead, they had delicious sandwiches and sophisticated dialogue, companionable silences and zero cutting remarks. They washed the dishes together and tided everything without once insulting each other or making insufferable faces.

It was bizarre.

As Sara dragged Lech into the living room, she reflected that this was indeed a life she could get used to. But there was always that tension in the back of her mind: don’t get TOO used to it, for everything can get ripped away in a moment. Like for instance, if she ended this day drowned at the bottom of the polar’s pool habitat.

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