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January 16th, 2023

Page 867

This takes me back to the days of high chairs and sippy cups :). My little niece ‘lost’ her favourite pink sippy cup somewhere in my parent’s house. It had milk in it…should be lovely when we eventually find it.

Edit: forgot to add the text!

Gay was in the kitchen making a mound of sandwiches. He shoved a plate in her face. “Eat two, you slept through breakfast again and today’s going to be…” he trailed off. Sara quirked an eye brow and Gay grimaced. “I was going to say ‘hard’, then thought that would be discouraging and you didn’t need any more negativity so maybe ‘difficult’ would be easier to swallow, but then you might think I was making light of the situation, or perhaps discounting your ability and then you might get annoyed so I went with…” he trailed off again and waved his hands vaguely around, then dropped them. “Just eat.”

Sara started to smile but heard steps behind her. Lech assaulted the room with his presence, his punchable face oozing whatever it was he thought made him look cool, but he tripped when he saw her. He tried to spin around but staggered into the wall and fell on his butt, eyes blank and purple tinged. Sara sighed and Gay popped his fists on his hips and somehow, audibly rolled his eyes. He was getting really good at that.

“Amazing. Now I’ll have to hand feed him and make sure he doesn’t choke.”

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