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January 9th, 2023

Page 866

Happy Monday everyone, the happiest of Mondays as the boys went back to school today :) Such loudness…and stickiness. I love Christmas vacation, for like the first week. The second week is excessive lol.

As per the comments, here’s the comic text in a regular font:

‘Ok, step one was easy at least: get out of bed. She rolled off the mattress, dragged herself upright, patted Tanked’s fluffy curls, and tiptoed past Vanity’s obnoxious snoring. Amazing how asleep and unmoving, she could still want to twist his little head off. Probably not a healthy reaction, perhaps she should join Prozac’s meditation time again.

She’d find Cara in Pro’s room. She spent most nights there if they weren’t having a fight. Fortunately, those were rare and stupid. Their last argument, about who loved whom more and why, ended in tears all around and everyone sticking their noses in it in hopes of ending the drama, or probably for the opposite reason. Some were more helpful than others, and Lech still had that scar. Sara smirked. There now, fond memories always rose spirits.’

Vote incentive: I did some New Year’s sketches for Patreon, this one is a fav animal that’s never made it into the zoo (I’ve done a few tee designs with these though :)


  1. NotAnotherZeroFan

    I’d say the comic font is fine, but then I remembered dyslexia is a thing… Whoops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    As for Vanity and the snoring issue, I would’ve just stuffed him in a dumpster. If that’s not a viable option, dump ’em in the bathtub (without water, of course).

    As for the vote incentive, freakin’ adorable and critter you can never be wrong for liking. :3

  2. Todd Maccarone

    That’s a nice pic- collective meditation group. And then, Evil had to go and mess with it… Typical. Also, Prozac and Cara fighting… Surprising, but far from impossible.

  3. Kaouse

    The meditation group doesn’t seem like a required activity, so I’m wondering why Lech decided to join, especially if he’s just gonna sleep through it.

    Is he working through a few things on his own, perhaps?

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