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January 2nd, 2023

Page 865

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes and good vibes to all :)

It’s January now and the temp outside is +8 and half the snow has melted, we’re starting 2023 off weird already.


  1. Ana

    Well I’m….not sure if I can put my words correctly but I’ve been a reader of your comic for many years, more years than I can remember exactly when. I couldn’t comment much, I can’t recall when was last time I had the courage, years maybe. To spare you the boring details, I wanted to say

    your work is wonderful

    and regarding your new approach about this series, I’ve read your comment detailing the reasons, I understood. And this new format, I don’t know how to explain it, but your writing is so good and powerful that even I can picture it in a comic format somehow. The small pictures are enough to show exactly what you are describing even if they weren’t there.

    I only wanted to let know you, the new format is telling the story just as good as before. Yeah it is just my words but I’m genuinely impressed how you are tackling and embracing change.

    I shall be back to be invisible again but I’m glad could be brave enough to tell this little thing.

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Nice to see Sara trying to comfort Tanked. Key word ‘trying’… Poor fella.

  3. Nicole

    @Ana: What a wonderful comment! I feel exactly the same way!

    Sara, we believe in you!! <3

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