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February 20th, 2023

Page 872

Happy Monday!

Changing the subject was her go-to. “And where is your emo hero now?”

Cara’s claws dug into the bark as she grabbed the last limb closest to the fence top. “Hiding in his room reading, with cotton balls shoved up his nose. Gay brought room service.” She peered out of the foliage and tested the air with her nose. Then she turned and offered Sara a paw up. “Looks clear to me. Let’s go.”

The sisters stalked quietly around the exhibits, heading toward the big white one in the middle. Sara tried to ignore the steadily growing line of blissed out smaller mammals shadowing her footsteps, like a silent, creepy entourage. Cara glanced over her shoulder and wrinkled her nose. “Like ducklings.” Sara grimaced. Cara giggled.


  1. Kaouse

    Well if it works on non bears, it should definitely work on polar bears.

    Let’s just hope that doesn’t end up being the problem…

  2. murphy

    Uuh Ooh, hope doesn’t work too well.
    size difference is…Yikes!

  3. gridsleep

    After some cursory research {(National Institute of Health, National Library of Medicine [National Center for Biotechnology Information], The Neurobiology of Olfaction, Chapter 6:Pheromones and Mammalian Behavior, Peter A. Brennan),} it may not be true that special pheromones have a cross species effectiveness in the way depicted here. It would not be in smaller mammals’ best interest to wander dazed and confused toward a primary predator. Natural selection would have eliminated such behavior a very long time ago. It is doubtful that such behavior ever existed.

  4. Athlone


    Don’t underestimate the power of Horny

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Wasn’t expecting that stuff to work on non-bears. I’m actually a bit nervous to find out how that stuff will effect the polar bears… And how Sara will fare because of that.

  6. NotAnotherZeroFan


    It’s a comic about multi-colored talking bears, some of who have some really weird powers/abilities already. Allow for some suspension of disbelief. :)

  7. speedcoreidolater

    Of all the words one could use to describe Prozac ‘emo’ is not one of them.

  8. Nicole

    I can see the polars propping Sara up on pillows, feeding her grapes…

  9. Anonymous

    Alright, I have nothing against furries, but I really hope Sara’s pheromones don’t work on humans too.

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