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December 5th, 2022

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My little brother got married on Saturday. 5 years ago I’d have trouble picturing this, amazing how much people can grow up even when you thought it was a lost cause, lol. Mostly kidding. But it does give me hope for my boys…mostly kidding :P

Before Christmas shipping deadlines are coming up fast. We had a weird heat wave in November but it’s finally getting consistently cold, at least for now. Almost feels like snow at Christmas isn’t guaranteed anymore.

Vote Incentive: more Christmassy fun from my stocking stuffers collection :D


  1. Nila Foxy

    Oh shit… WHY would Prozac need, Crack’s help?
    Things are gonna get extreme…

  2. murphy

    Crack has to help get food.
    since he’s not entirely debilitated by his fears anymore.

  3. Vausch

    Look at his family, Sara. If he wasn’t take-charge and slightly insane, this place would be in ruins.

    Hope this polar encounter goes better than the last one. Poor lass has gotta have some PTSD.

  4. Chasey

    Sheesh, I wonder if it might just be easier to go get a salmon from the zookeepers’ storages. Might be easier – and less dangerous – to sneak around in the larders than to go try your luck with the always-angry polars.

  5. speedcoreidolater

    This use he has for him will be thoroughly debasing, won’t it?

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Oh, my… Prozac is starting to get a sinister scheme together. I am curious to see what he’s got planned… And what Crack is gonna be doing…

  7. Nikary Flare

    So… why are they going now if she’s in heat tomorrow?

  8. Hake Feretto

    Hooo it all look like a plan actyaly, I doubt Prozac is just in fish-meat needing… My mind is it’s a way for him to “captur” one of the polar and “interrogate” him (or them) about if they are at the origin of the bloody events and by the same time hit two bird with a stone by ask about the water-poisoning. We remind than Sara’s heat are pretty powerfull and the male do all they are asked to do even if it’s hurt theyr once friends so I think it will be easy to make them talk this way.

    However the real question is does they’ll got all the polars or just some ? Because it will be dangerous to let even just one have his full mind…could end bad if they are involved in the murder… Well we can only wait and see, also wonder the way Peozac will plane his move he must be careful here than nobbody see him or anyone else UwU….

  9. T-Shaw

    Not Crack…….

  10. gridsleep

    Crack has become so good at keeping clean that the DTs have become his comfort zone. Having a comfort goose helps.

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