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November 28th, 2022

Page 861

Prozac is moving through the motions much quicker these days :)
Happy late Thanksgiving to my US friends and family! Hope you had a nice relaxing holiday that let you re-connect with loved ones IN ONLY POSITIVE WAYS lol. There’s too much strife these days, we need all opportunities to listen to each other. Unless you’re my idiot brother who always cuts an irregular hole in the middle of whatever dessert. He’s a monster.

Holiday shipping deadlines are coming, order your Xmas cards and gifts soon!

Crack is thankful for his new body guard, Murder the goose.


  1. Nila Foxy

    1: I love their faces.
    2: Lul.. Sara being monitored the fuck out.
    3: “Fish”? Why is that going to be what I think it means?… x-x

  2. murphy

    First off lil creepy, secondly fair. she did brainwash with pheromones most of the guys last time.

    Also love how lech leans toward gay as he’s dating now, so he’s wary doesn’t wanna hurt gay by sara forcing… Shem mating.

  3. murphy

    pro really be like: I’ll now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish.

  4. T-Shaw

    Damn! Prozac you’re a stalker!

  5. Hake Feretto

    Wow Prozac did lot of work on himself for keep control X3… I’m so happy to see my bear,family change and gro, up little by little since all thede years. We definitivly see than they learned (well okay..maybe not each of them in full > 3>…) from theyr mistake in tve past UwU !

    Now I’m realy curious to see what will be involved in this arc, so lot of mystery to discover I reqly looking forward to that hehe~~ It promise to be….very interesting ):3…

  6. Nikary Flare

    WOW she got them scared of her xD

  7. Chasey

    Yep. And why shouldn’t he be? I would definitely be keeping track of that crap, too, with as big of a disaster as it has been in the past.

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Well, it’s creepy that Prozac knows that about Sara, but after things went the way they did last time… It’s good to know someone’s tracking that. Also glad to see Prozac can control his emotions more easily now… Still curious to find out who killed the boars ..

  9. NotAnotherZeroFan

    …To be fair, after the stunt she pulled on arrival, someone should be tracking her… ¬_¬

  10. Project_Demise

    You can see she’s irked by his statement, but she can’t deny the necessity.

  11. gridsleep

    Prozac is not the hero every wants, but he’s the hero everyone needs.

  12. Nicole

    Prozac did a great job at keeping himself under control there. :D

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