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November 21st, 2022

Page 860

I somehow idioted all over this page and saved over the hi res with the for web copy and thus will have to completely re-do this page if I ever get to the print point. How did I do this after nearly 20 years of making my living with digital art??
But I do have some good news :) Artists can spend months and months working on projects and not be allowed to talk about them which SUCKS lol, but this project finally got a print date and an announcement, and a whole little animated trailer to boot! Check out the Collider article and scroll down for the studio trailer. I’m doing ‘finisher’ chores on the series (kind of a mix of pencils and inks) with rough pencils by Les McClaine and scripts by Gene Luen Yang!
Share the trailer, pre-order books for your kids :D (I think I get royalties, I should double check that…)


  1. murphy

    traumatizing kiddies Hurray!

  2. Nila Foxy

    How cute… Nerd & Evil had a moment~

  3. Aldin

    I remain amazed that their zoo remains open.

  4. Bri

    Lol, Nerd and Evil are funny. Loving the expressions!

  5. TekServer

    Who puts a kiddie pool in a ZOO?
    Who TRUSTS a kiddie pool in a zoo?
    Who trusts a kiddie pool in a DISCOUNT zoo?

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Good lord… that’s so wrong. And I don’t even want to think on what Evil can do with that much of the owl’s compounds…

  7. T-Shaw

    Such a sad funeral.

  8. Cam

    Leave it to Evil to find out how to turn any event into mischief. Also, poor Crack looks like he feels bad about it since he was the one who killed the owl.

  9. Nicole

    Congrats on the “Books of Clash”! :)

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