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October 31st, 2022

Page 857

Happy Halloween! Writing this on Sunday so hopefully tonight’s weather is nice. This will be Smudge’s first Halloween so I’m curious how he handles it, he’s quite…boisterous. Either we bring him out with us and he’s overstimulated by all the kids/dogs/excitement/noise, or leave him at home and all the doorbells and kids at the door do the same thing :)

Vote incentive: the other potential Halloween sketch that the Patreon people could vote for :)


  1. Nila Foxy

    I love it when Cara shows some sass. X3
    & I just love how passionate Prozac is with her. They are certainly my favorite ship, of BN bears~

  2. murphy

    Okay more pro & Cara shipping. i’m okay with it.

  3. T-Shaw

    A match made in heaven and hell!
    Happy Halloween!

  4. S.L

    Damn it’s been so many years and to be here and shipping these two. . . mwah, perfection!

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to see Cara can stand for herself. Also, Prozac’s actions here- so cute! Those two will make good parents… But we still need to know- who’s the boar slayer? Still no sign of Vanity, so maybe it was him…

  6. CorvusCorone68

    @Todd Maccarone i don’t think Vanity has the amount of strength it would take to create that level of viscera from an opponent as strong as a boar

  7. Cam

    ProPMS so cute~ love sassy Cara.
    Is there a gorilla at this zoo? Besides the lions and polars, i could see a gorilla going rage ape on the warthogs and i could see the warthogs attempting to black market an endangered gorilla baby.

  8. YetAnotherBrian

    My money is on the Polar Bears?

  9. Bri

    Love this page. Loving all the expressions.

  10. Jordan

    Sooo not the reaction I was expecting from Cara after the last page, and also not what I would have expected from Prozac on this one. I love her/them together so much. Sara’s smug face in the last panel cracks me up too. It’s sweet that she seems so legitimately pleased to see Cara happy.

  11. Nicole

    So much great acting on these faces!!! <3 Love Pro and Cara. :)

  12. MustacheHam

    Aww that’s sweet. They’re quite the couple.

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