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October 24th, 2022

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  1. Nila Foxy

    Oh come on y’all bears… It’s not Cara…
    In fact… I feel whoever did this is not one of them, in their group.
    This is the work of a much more vengeful enemy, outside of the BN gang~

  2. Nila Foxy

    We still have enemies like- Gluttony, Polars, Monkeys, Giraffes, Lions.
    There may be even a new face, from one of the BN bears past, returning.

  3. murphy

    @Nila don’t mean to nitpick but the bear thinking is sloth bear.
    though he is gluttonous appetite. he is sloth more, never moving from his spot.

  4. Nicole

    @Nila: My exact thought was “Oh, COME ON!” lol

  5. Nila Foxy

    Mark my words… An old face or a new one is coming back.
    & they will be the reason this is happening…

  6. Chasey

    How quick they are to think it’s Cara. :(
    Dunno if I can blame them; they don’t get to know too many other animals outside their own exhibit, so if one they DO know fits the bill…
    The only one we don’t see here is Vanity so that could be foreshadowing, but I don’t think Van has that in him either. I’m honestly stumped.

  7. Nikary Flare

    Ah, of course. Blame the angry one.

    Also, Sara is amused by Evil baiting Nerd :’D

  8. Todd Maccarone

    So, they think Cara is the one responsible? If it was because of a second blood moon, I could believe it… But blood moons don’t happen every month; there’s no way it could be her!

  9. Chiaroscuro

    I’d think vanity, but I think there;’s a further twist.

  10. speedcoreidolater

    I second the claim that it’s Vanity, implementing Evil’s ‘be Evil Jr.’ advice in the worst possible way.

  11. Cam

    Surprised they turned to Cara instead of Gimp who was literally called “rage bear”. I’m kind of worried that the rage used to kill the warthogs may be used against the bears. I don’t want them getting hurt. ;( I still think it’s more likely Sloth bear or polars, but I’m kind of almost hoping it is Vanity since he’s less likely to use that rage against his family now.
    Or…what if someone is getting revenge for the owl that Crack killed that would always help others? Crack did leave Evil’s scoop at the scene. Ugh, these bears have too many enemies…

  12. Hake Feretto

    Wow guys turning to Cara so fast ?? Seriously she enter in rage-mood only during blood moon and in my memory it seem than a full year must pass at least before a new moon show up > 3>…

    So Na, no way it’s Cara !! Also we no see Death, Gimp and Vanity here but to be honest I doubt it will be any of them and even less Vanity than clearly have not the strenght to sly-out these guys and also he absolutly not knew about theyr intend so no way he goes take revenge.

    Plus he is more tiny than them and until now Vanity, even when he passed his engryness on the bears before he join them, never showed so much violence ! At least not on the point to kill bleedy anyone… So actualy my thought are still on the Polars as we all know how hatfull they are to the bears since one have lost an arm cause of them > 3>..

    But I’m like some people here and also not put away the possibility than an old face show-back OR than a full new one related to one of the bear’s past…After all the roadhogs had a bisness sure, but they necessarly had someone in charge of “Asking” for the animal-parts and I doubt it’s a human as so far in the comic not any human was see talking to one of the animals in the zoo…

    So the fact they get killed is maybe because they no have delivered the parts they were asked for and so the guy than was in charge is came “punish” them for theyr fail…

    But all that is only theories and suppositions, actualy we can only Wait&See UwU !

  13. Bri

    Aww, Lech. It is very rare that we see him looking so genuinely sad like we do here. ;-;

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