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November 7th, 2022

Page 858

I think Gimp and Death’s previous body burying adventure would be a fun print edition bonus comic…if I ever get the ability to pull myself together long enough to get a Kickstarter off the ground :(

INPRNT is offering 2 kinds of greeting cards this year so if you’re looking for fun pop-culture holiday cards I’ve uploaded most of my Stocking Stuffer series. Their prints and posters are high quality and ship fast :)


  1. murphy

    Okay, Wow, go pro, getting tier 2 smooching.

    also how many bodies have the bears buried?

  2. Nicole

    Totally! Again???? lol! :D

  3. Athlone

    Didn’t death and Gimp spoon at one point years ago? Now they’re burying bodies together. and odd ship, but still a ship

  4. Todd Maccarone

    So, the bears have a body disposal protocol in place… That’s a concerning implication. Also, come on, Evil- you’re getting predictable again.

  5. Nila Foxy

    Seeing Prozac both kiss Cara passionately, & flip Evil off without any hesitation, is like the best character development moment, I’ve seen in many pages. Like Prozac is really developing as a character lately.

    Also, WTH poor Death & Gimp have to do clean up? Why? They didn’t kill those guys… Leave the mess to the ones that did it.

  6. gridsleep

    There is another blood moon tonight. Hey. Are you listening?

  7. gridsleep

    Also, mushy stuff. Ech.

  8. Bri

    I’m really liking the way you’re drawing the bears lately. It’s very subtle but nice, regardless. :)

  9. gridsleep

    Going back to the beginning, it is surprising to see how much weight the boys have lost over the years. Lean diet? Or all that adventuring?

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