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October 3rd, 2022

Page 853

A bit of a gooey page, fitting for the start of Halloween month I suppose :)

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  1. T-Shaw

    How- since when?
    Just now?!

  2. Murphy

    Oh Dear God, it’s bloodbath, who did this?

  3. Vausch

    If it shocks Evil and makes Lech nauseated then that’s gotta be one hell of a scene.

    Money’s on the monkeys.

  4. Nila Foxy

    I still believe the Monkeys, play a part here.
    But… Killing the boars doesn’t feel like something they would do. At least alone.
    Some other animals in this Zoo, are playing a big part of the boars deaths…

  5. Nikary Flare

    I guess someone else got their revenge first.

  6. Nikary Flare

    Actually, my bet’s on Vanity? He was passed out when Evil talked about his vengeance plans, so he wasn’t able to tell them if he already did that. And he has a motive.

  7. gridsleep

    Did Vanity get there before them?

  8. Aldin

    Whomever did it doesn’t matter at this moment. If those two don’t get their backsides out of there fast, they’ll be blamed.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Well, this is… Unnerving. People say the monkeys or Vanity are at fault, but what about the polar bears or the lions? They’ve both been quiet for a while…

  10. kitty

    i think it’s likely someone or something we haven’t been introduced to yet.

  11. speedcoreidolater

    Everyone’s going to blame Evil for this one, aren’t they?

  12. Chasey

    Okay… who ELSE was mad at the warthogs…? I’m scared Evil and Lech are about to be blamed for this, though.

  13. Cam

    Vanity has motive, and even though he can be dark at times, he’s not this violent, or at least not capable of pulling it off..
    The Polar Bears play poker with the Warthogs, and could have possibly done this due to not being paid, but they’re more bullies than anything.
    Whatever the monkeys have against the bears has to have something to do with it. They tried to poison them before, so they’re not against using dirty tactics, and doing this after everything with Vanity, would point fingers towards the bears if the news spread amongst the zoo. Though, idk if the monkeys are physically capable on their own to cut the warthogs to pieces. I think someone is indeed gathering an army against the bears, and the monkeys are only one brigade, and this possibly done by another. It could be the lions, if they were convinced to leave their habitat, but i don’t think they’d do it on their own.
    I honestly still think Sloth bear is behind all this, plotting in the shadows, and he’s slowly moving forward.

  14. Diane

    I blame the monkeys, they’re pure evil. Trying to frame the bears for some reason.

  15. Nicole

    @Cam: I was thinking Sloth bear being behind this, too!

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