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September 26th, 2022

Page 852

Had to turn the furnace on :(
This is the worst time of year, trying to get used to cold. It’s not very cold out at all compared to where we’ll be in couple of months, but it’s still such an adjustment…make me whiney.

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  1. Murphy

    Oooh what’s gonna happen, hog’s waiting for them?

    are the hogs been moved elsewhere?

  2. T-Shaw

    Mmmmmmm drugs….

  3. Chasey

    Ooh, science with Evil and Lech!

  4. MustacheHam

    Ah a mystery booster. This will be interesting.

    Btw for chilly times I love to use one of those electric blankets.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    And here I was, thinking Evil was the crazy one! But mucking around with drugs again, Evil? Really? Not a good idea- remember what happened last time?!

  6. Nila Foxy

    The fact that Evil didn’t finish his sentence, means he’s going to see something he wasn’t hoping or expecting for.

  7. Cam

    Another try with the tranquilizer, I’m guessing.

    It’s getting cold where you are? Lucky! As much as i dislike the cold, it’s been in the high 90s here and I’ve been over it for months. I want to wear sweaters and stop sweating at night.

  8. Nicole

    Oh, lord, here we go!

  9. Xuncu

    No “e”? I’ll just leave this here, then;

  10. speedcoreidolater

    It’s the polars there for their regular card game isn’t it?

  11. Hake Feretto

    Hooo here we go….to the next arc !! Well… I’m scared this one will be a bit “gore” it’s only supposition but trust me…your guys we are not ready for what could happen…*remember the patreon pic*

    And a mystery is still here…the monkey’s event where we still no know who have poisoned the Bears’s watter…. So I actualy imagin the worst happening (and maybe chain on Lech’s origins who know)

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