Page 844
August 1st, 2022

Page 844

Vote Incentive this week: another sketch for/suggested by one of our Patreons. Evil and a new friend getting ready for a night out!

This one brings back some memories :)


  1. Nila Foxy

    That’s a bit of an odd chapter title…
    I hope it won’t mean the GLECH ship will be fractured

  2. Kaouse

    I am definitely liking the fact that Lech seems to be indulging in fashion more. I also appreciate the quiet and calm Glech moments.

  3. T-Shaw

    Wow, Evil have him the Talk.

  4. T-Shaw

    GAVE him the Talk!

  5. Murphy

    i dunno why but when I see lech in the sleeveless orange suit.

    I’m reminded of that old film where two guys pretend be gay get out of army.

  6. Treascair

    you can *hear* the simultaneous facepaw…

  7. Todd Maccarone

    I’m curious to see how this chapter unfolds… especially since this opening page reveals that Vanity knows a bit more than he probably should about the workings behind “the miracle of life”.

  8. Jordan

    Sara contributes so much to this conversation without even saying a word

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