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August 8th, 2022

Page 845

Having “the talk” with your kids is soooo much fun :P
Not sure they listened at all.

Vote incentive: more sketches for Patreons– a “fun” 4th wall busting moment for Crack


  1. Kaouse

    Well damn, they’ve certainly been busy. Making up for lost time, or has this always been going on in secret?

  2. Murphy

    To the table, On the Table, Under table, against the fridge.

    that means at least 4 times in kitchen!
    to table probably started on couch, then on table, under it, then against fridge.

  3. Tjimmy1999

    These two really like to make it abundantly clear that they both have sex with each other. Next thing you know they’ll bring a blacklight in the cave just to prove it.

  4. Shadowydreamer

    .. Nothing wrong with being ace! (Asexual)

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Well, that’s a bit more info on Gay and Lech’s private life than I cared to know about…

  6. Sterling Rodd

    Just how many of them ARE personally familiar with Lech’s “limited skill set”, anyway? :D

  7. Treascair

    Lech and Gay know what they like and enjoy! Frequently~

  8. Nila Foxy

    Well… I’m glad Gay & Lech are spending more “private time” together.
    & even Sara supports it.

  9. AncientWolf

    Interesting how everyone is convinced that Gay and Lech have been “doing the deed” together. However, I offer this alternate possibility: Lech just might be getting frisky with photos, since there has already been a recent reference to the magazines he has under his bed. “Against the fridge” might have to do with a pin-up or some other photo — people *do* stick things like shopping lists and pictures to refrigerators with magnets, after all (or he could have been leaning against it while looking at his latest issue of whatever magazine he likes). Maybe he and Sara have been going at it. As far as we know, Lech might have an inflatable sheep love doll or something…people (and four-footed critters) have done stranger things. O.o

  10. T-Shaw

    Damn Glech!

  11. YetAnotherBrian

    @AncientWolf I do not think Lech is picky. Male, Female, Photo, or other he is ready willing and able. I m surprised we haven’t had an arc where a Jealous Lion is out to get Lech for Visiting his Pride.

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