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July 25th, 2022

Page 843

If that happened to my kid’s glasses, they still probably wouldn’t bother cleaning them.

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  1. Murphy

    I wouldn’t be saying anything about whipped lech.

    also Eeeww that is just insult to injury, Literally!

  2. Nila Foxy

    1: Cara is the best girl ever
    2: Don’t listen to them, you go be with Gay, Lech
    3: Geese are so rude…

    Can’t wait to see who the next chapter is focused on most~

  3. T-Shaw

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  4. Murphy

    Lets see… who’s backstory have not gotten into yet?

    Nerd, blame self mom’s death, evil tortured circus. Vanity: moved, turn closed off.
    Pro, drugged, rage issues, death, accident killed sister. crack repeat trauma, C-PTSD?
    tank bulli monkie, drown in beer. Sara & cara moved, one got bitchy, another repressed rage.
    gimp animal testing, rage issues.

  5. Nicole

    What a great arc! <3

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Well, I’m glad to see Nerd is okay (sort of) and that Death is speaking again… But did that goose really have to do that to Nerd’s glasses? Anyway, good to see things are looking better (for once). Where will things go from here? I can’t wait to see!

  7. Black Pete

    I admit, fluffball fur is better than bride of Frankenstein.

  8. speedcoreidolater

    I would’ve thought Crack would have the good sense to housebreak his goose, but it’s not like he has a lot to live up to. Tanked isn’t housebroken either.

  9. Black Pete

    Those glasses are beyond repair. And he can’t be that blind if he can see what’s happening to them at that distance. I speak from experience.

  10. speedcoreidolater

    Nerd walks around without his glasses all the time. He’s probably alright. The worst that could happen is that he’d get a headache if he reads or surfs the web too long without getting new ones – but I’m pretty sure Nerd’s glasses are cosmetic.

  11. Cam

    That’s a goose for ya, jerks with wings.

    I still love them though and hope Crack uses them to build an army.

  12. Murphy

    @pete maybe nerd’s near sighted.
    can see close things fine, but trouble seeing far away things.

  13. S.L

    Something tells me that’s Crack’s goose friend trying to make a stand.

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