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July 18th, 2022

Page 842

Sorry for the late update guys, crashed early last night and still slept in and now my whole schedule feels off :P
But the twins are in jiu-jitsu camp all week so we’ll finally get some quiet during the day!!



  1. Todd Maccarone

    This page is just too pure, but I love it! But seriously- is Nerd okay?!

  2. Murphy

    I doubt gay never says please.

    also more likely lech moves in with gay

  3. Nikary Flare

    Hey, Cara doesn’t seem to be getting zapped from touching Death! I mean, more than she already has been.

  4. SuperBH

    Nerd just laying in a crumpled heap

  5. speedcoreidolater

    Nope, Lech wears it better.

  6. Chasey

    Cara getting things done. Smart move with the shirt so she doesn’t get zapped again.
    This whole page is so cute though. Death is so happy. I wonder if Cara will simply downplay or not even tell him what went down that night because she knows how bad she felt afterwards and doesn’t want Death to feel that way too.

    And Nerd’s probably okay. Probably.

  7. Nicole

    Cara is the absolute BEST. <3 Chili time!

    And poor lil' Nerd!

  8. Nila Foxy

    awwwww ^-^ That smile on Death’s face in the last panel~
    Also poofy care is too damn cute!

  9. Nikary Flare

    @Chasey I don’t think that shirt would help that much against zapping?

  10. NotAnotherZeroFan

    Two words: warm fuzzies. ^w^

    Also doesn’t hurt that I’m a Death fan. :)

    …Someone really should check on Nerd though…

  11. T-Shaw

    Deara! Get it?

  12. Project_Demise

    It comes across as Lech being a dick when he says ‘giant walk-in closet’, but considering how into fashion Gay is, he’s probably just being realistic. Gay will want all the space for his outfits.

  13. Chasey

    @Nikary I dunno, we already know it only takes cloth to avoid the death touch since we’ve seen him use mittens and the like to cover his hands to make it safe to touch, but true; her cheek fur is touching his face, it looks like.
    I just don’t know why else she’d want to have him wear a shirt other than maaaaaaybe to make him feel less uncomfortable from the dried “oatmeal” in his fur.

  14. Cam

    Cara’s that mom friend everyone needs in their life.

  15. Hake Feretto

    Haaaaw well here I see only cuteness on cuteness X3… Death desserve to be happy too after all so I’m realy rassured HIM TOO have his cute and comfy moment >w 3>…

    Now for the Death-touch I have maybe on explanation, Death’s remaning energy maybe dryed full out after his transformation in Kaiju and so now he is just “Charged with the min” so his death-touch is maybe weackened ? That or the fact than Cara absorbed so lot of static in her furr make her at the same “potential” than Death’s boddy, mean she can now touch him without any risk a bit like birds than stand on electric-cable (me enectrician so I know what I talking about X3..).

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