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June 6th, 2022

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Whew. So the last 2 weeks have been kind of crazy. May 21st we had a crazy wind/thunder storm smash across parts of Ontario and though it didn’t last long, the damage was massive. Trees and power lines down everywhere, lots of small damage like missing shingles and flattened fences. But some people got their roofs ripped off, so it was really all over the place. We lost power for 4 days and though the boys handled it well, we were all pretty smelly and tired of each other by the end! I had 3 days worth of work to catch up on and a house to clean/laundry/dishes/purge spoiled food/re-stock and be gone by the next Friday for an out of town wedding (fortunately no damage anywhere in that location) This past week we got our routine back somewhat (Sam’s school STILL doesn’t have power) had to finish getting caught up on work as it was the last week for 2 shows worth of BG paint…ran the puppy to the emergency vet last night and 3 hours and $430 later we find out his grossly distended belly is just a food bloat. So I am tired. (wedding was lovely, bride had Miyazaki soundtracks on her play list)

Lol. How’s everyone else doing??? :D

Vote incentive: apprehensive Death does caution


  1. Nila Foxy

    Oh boi…
    Well lets hope that only woke up, Death bear.

  2. Murphy

    Well Evil’s deafened temporarily.
    let’s hope everything is okay.

  3. Nicole

    Whoa!! Cara! I hope Death is okay!
    Glad to hear things are getting back to normal for you guys, Alison! <3

  4. T-Shaw

    Glad you’re doing alright Alison!I

  5. gridsleep

    So, next week, The Evil Deaf? Army of Harkless?

  6. FiliasNox

    Prozac wil personally sell Vanity on the black market,if Cara et even a scratch.

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Well, Death may be back online… I just hope Cara is back online… Also, looks like Evil’s gone deaf- can tasers typically do that?

  8. speedcoreidolater

    Well now, I was very wrong. I can only wonder what’s going to happen to him.
    Lech’s shirt still looks great, love him popping the collar. Makes me wonder what colours the others would look best in.

  9. YetAnotherBrian

    That third panel is one of the best. Nice job Allison I would hang that on my wall as a poster.

  10. Cam

    I’m glad y’all are doing okay! Sounds like it was a super crazy storm, we had wind blowing off roofs during Ida as well. Glad the puppy is okay too! Also, your friend playing Miyazaki songs at their wedding is super awesome and they sound like a cool person. :D

    I’m happy Cara didn’t get hit, but poor Death, i hope he’s able to get control of himself this time before too much happens and that he’ll be okay after. I really hope that goose gives Vanity a good pecking!

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