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May 16th, 2022

Page 836

I’ve given up on omelettes many times… fortunately the kids still eat the eggs no matter what they look like :)

Vote incentive: feeling the apathetic Monday vibes.



  1. Nila Foxy

    He moved… ;w;


  2. T-Shaw


  3. Murphy

    I am not medical professional, but Cara’s trying to ground Dissociated Death.
    Shocking is not good thing At All because that could make it Worse!

  4. Todd Maccarone

    Well, what do you know? Cara’s method seemed to be working… And then Vanity had to mess it up. Here’s hoping he misses…

  5. Project_Demise

    Vanity: I’M HELPIIIIIING!!!!

  6. speedcoreidolater

    I’m willing to bet that actually works.

  7. Cam

    Vanity, no!!!! I hope Death will be okay, and that’s if he even hits Death, he may miss and hit Cara. Vanity, dude, why are you being so crazy when they just did their best to help keep you there? Even Evil isn’t that bad…anymore anyway.

  8. Treascair

    Atta way, Cara, keep at it <3

    And someone take that dang tazer away from Vanity!

  9. NotAnotherZeroFan

    …Welp, first time commenting in a long while, and I have to say: VANITY, NO! D:

    This is why we can’t have nice things. :/

    P.S.: L’il typo in panel 5; missed an ‘a’ in ‘dramatic.’ ;)

  10. Chasey

    Holy crap, he’s going to kill Cara.

  11. Black Pete

    Very curious about Cara’s hairstyle after that.

    Death’ll be fine.

    Whether vanity’ll be fine… we’ll find out.

  12. Anonymous

    Was that a French Revolution/Les Misérable reference?

  13. Nicole

    Oh for gawds sake…

  14. Athlone

    No update? :(

  15. Nicole

    @Athlone: Probably life just got busy. Three kids and contract work can push the Discount Zoo to the side sometimes.

  16. gridsleep

    OK, that is not a Tazer. That is a Tesla. The bears must have raided Warehouse 13. C’mon, ‘fess up.

  17. Bri

    Cara is such a beautiful soul. Death needs someone like her at his side.

    On another note, I’ve never been angrier at Vanity lol.

  18. speedcoreidolater

    Did that taser even hit Death? Maybe it hit someone else. Crack was saying ‘it burns’ in the Facebook preview but he looks completely unscathed. I’m guessing Vanity lit a shrub on fire or something.

  19. tsophiekins

    Hi all! She updated on Twitter saying – Sorry about missing a page but we had a massive windstorm here last Sat, finally got power back late Wed, internet later Wed :(‘
    She’s got a wedding this weekend as well, so we might not get a page on this Monday as well.
    Alison has been so consistent at updating us over the years I was genuinely worried, but I’m glad she’s ok! Pages can always wait!
    Flipping love bear nuts, been reading for years. Love to all!

  20. Black Pete

    That’s why procedures are so valuable. Having a plan for when a page is missing.
    Apart from building a holy buffer, a simple list for where to copy paste a short heads-up.

    Patience ftw anyway.

    Anyway, Death’ll be charged, Clara’s gonna be fried, looking like bride of Frankenstein, Vanity’s gonna get a butt-whoopin’, everything’s gonna be alright.

  21. Aldin

    Glad to read it’s just RL getting in the way. I was starting to fear that Vanity’s tazer was so powerful that it fried the artist’s computer.

  22. Anonymous

    Serves Alison right for making the promiscuous bear(Lech) bi. Bi people are not any more or less likely to be promiscuous. Why not have, say, Prozac and/or Cara bi too? There is very few positive bi characters in fiction.

  23. kitty

    @ anonymous omlll what are you even going on about? i’m sure she made him bi because over time glech became a significant part of the story. & either way, i’m a promiscuous bi woman & i own it.

  24. Giffy

    :( no new page

  25. NotAnotherZeroFan

    @Black Pete: Considering this comic has missed less updates than you can count on one hand in over 10 years worth of time, I’d just let it go. It’s not like like no updates is the norm, and you also can’t plan for everything and no one person is ever going to think of all possible scenarios.

    @Anon: Taking something bad happening in the author’s life as a good thing because the depicted a character in a way you disagree with isn’t right. Even if said character is depicted as in a stereotypical way, that’s still not justifiable. Not saying that you shouldn’t be allowed to voice your distaste on stuff like that, but the moment you wish bad things on people over differing views or how they choose to depict things, you’re kinda in the wrong.

    And to add to that, it would be just to easy to say “don’t like, don’t read,” but you never know, Lech could change somewhat. It’s happened with other characters in the comic. :)

    …And no, he’s not one of my favorite characters (not even close), so I don’t have any real reason to jump in his corner. :|

  26. Moonie

    Oof. I wonder if Death is going to have bad flashbacks to his little sister being fried and jump in to shield Cara because of it.

  27. AncientWolf

    Has anybody heard yet when Alison estimates when she might be able to have the next strip/page up?

    Hope things are okay on her end.

    Since Tasers fire two barbed darts connected by thin wires back to the weapon, given that Cara is sitting so close to Death and holding his hand, I wonder if one dart hits her and the other hit him and the current passes from one to the other and does something weird…OR, does Vanity hits with both darts on one or the other? It would also be an odd time for that goose to happen by and end up getting tagged instead…(yeah, I also read the “Swords and Sausages” and “Nine-to-Nine” web comic, and Jan would do something off-the-wall like that, especially if Wolfram is involved).

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