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June 13th, 2022

Page 838

We’re into June! I always have mixed feelings about June: it’s the best month for birthdays :) and the weather warms up, but school is almost done :(

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  1. Murphy

    Okay crack’s reaction I can understand.
    After seeing explosion up close, his eye’s would be sensitive to light.

  2. Nila Foxy

    What is this new, 0-fucks-given, Vanity? I’m starting to like him more.

  3. AncientWolf

    @Murphy I’d say, given Death Bear’s electrical nature, it’s likely arc-flash burns to his eyes. It’s painful, if you’ve never experienced it before. Electrical arcs give off intense UV light and will burn skin and eyes if they’re unprotected, which is why welders have the very dark lens in their welding helmets and electricians have to wear arc-flash protective gear when working on high-voltage/high-amperage electrical equipment.

    It could also have been an arc-blast, given how Evil Bear can’t hear. Arc-blasts generate sound levels up to 140dB which can cause permanent hearing loss. The shockwave can also throw a person across a room. The temperature of the plasma created by an arc-blast can be up to 35,000 F, it sprays shrapnel of droplets of molten metal at velocities up to 700 mi/hr, and just an arc-flash can create clouds of ionized gas that is attracted to anything metal, such as eyeglasses, jewelry, and tools, causing severe burns. People can and do die from arc-flash and arc-blasts.

    I’d be very concerned about Cara since she was sitting next to Death.

  4. holmebrian

    im confused about the last panel? i dont get it

  5. Todd Maccarone

    So, that taser causes retinal damage, can worsen hearing and is literally smoking like it’s about to blow after just one use… Where on Earth did Evil even find that thing?!

  6. Zairak

    @holmebrian: Evil suffered damage to his hearing.

  7. speedcoreidolater

    Second time I’ve gotten to see Crack be the only reasonable one there (or third, depending on your views on psychiatry). Good for him.

    @Todd Maccarone: the answer is always credit card fraud.

  8. speedcoreidolater

    In an act of utter self-debasement I forgot he thought he was blind. Still! There was a huge explosion! You should all be panicking!

  9. T-Shaw

    Jeez Vanity!

  10. Nicole

    Good lord! Hope they all recover!!

  11. Giffy

    Took me a while to get that last panel was a lip reading joke.


    oh so patiently waiting to see what happened to death

  13. Cam

    Yea, Evil, lip reading is hard.

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