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March 14th, 2022

Page 828


Vote incentive: The last sketch from the New Year’s Sketch-a-thon on our Patreon page (a productive afternoon for the “girls”)


  1. Nila Foxy

    lul.. “Murder bird”? Crack is friends with a goose now?
    Also WTH, you are actually wearing something made by Gay, Lech? (how much later was this from last chapter?)
    Oof… Evil might get more annoyed being ran into twice.
    Aside from what we’ve seen so far.. WTF is going on?!

  2. Murphy

    Lech…caring about his attire, more importantly Gay’s approval.
    He really has seemed to do a turnaround.

  3. T-Shaw

    Nice shirt, Lech.

  4. gridsleep

    Here I was, feeling sorry for myself…

  5. speedcoreidolater

    “My fellow Americans, and like Jack scaling the proverbial beanstalk I will reclaim the goose of progress from the giant of big business, and – where am I again?”

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, Lech’s new shirt is kinda nice. Also, working out Crack’s issues with geese through exposure therapy isn’t the worst idea…

  7. Samsara

    Wow, I’m so addicted to this content. I’ve literally read and re-read this entire comic within 3 days of discovering it

  8. Cam

    I don’t know if it’s Evil or the goose hissing, but I’d like to think it’s both. Also, Evil Knievel lol.

  9. asebw

    If I am not mistaken, that looks like angry hissing cobra chicken, more commonly known as a Canadian Goose.

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