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March 7th, 2022

Page 827

Half the new Cintiq has arrived! The other half is held up at the US border for an indefinite amount of time! lol.  I also got 2 out of the blue job offers this week and one of them I really don’t think I should turn down…it’s a 3 book deal, that’s solid stability for 3 years…I’m getting tired just thinking about the juggling I’ve got ahead of me.
I’ll sleep when I retire :P

But this whole week is supposed to be mild(ish) and most of the snow has melted off the deck. Really looking forward to long sunny walks with the dogs again! If Smudge cooperates, he’s a bit lazy.


  1. Nila Foxy

    Gay want who, to move in together?
    Why is Lech bothering Crack?
    :/ This came completely out of nowhere…

  2. Murphy

    Aaaah, the Classic trait of a so called “Alpha Male”
    Afraid of commitment, things changing.

  3. Murphy

    Also Hold onto your butts & your belly prints bears.
    because it’s time fore long awaited Lech backstory!
    was it a heartbreak, insecure, sexuality crisis?

  4. Tjimmy1999

    It’s just one thing after another in this place.

  5. T-Shaw


  6. Nicole

    Congrats on the job offer!

  7. speedcoreidolater

    It was Sara! She’s the one who said ‘get a room.’ What a grave portent she has surely laid out!
    But I can only wonder, what does Lech want with Crack? He’d hate having him for a roommate even more.

  8. Chasey

    Incoming Lech backstory, I hope! He doesn’t want to move in with Gay or is afraid to, due to some past trauma!

  9. Sterling Rodd

    Congratulations on the book deal, wow! Go for it!

    Panels 4 & 5:
    Evil: “Get off!”
    Crack: “I think I just did…”

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Well… this was unexpected, even by this comic’s standards. No offense meant… Also, of all the people to bug about something like this, why did Lech go after Crack?

  11. Anonymous

    Before Gay and Lech kissed, I always assumed Lech was straight and homophobic. Homophobic enough to kill Gay for his sexuality. Good to see I was wrong about him hating gay peoplem

  12. gridsleep

    Domestic bliss. With emphasis on the mess.

  13. MicaXIII

    ahhh sounds like the honeymoon phase is over.
    I hope they can communicate and work things out, but of course we gotta get some trouble-in-paradise shenanigans out of them before that lol

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