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March 21st, 2022

Page 829

Site was down or something all last night and still this morning, but late page is now up. Nerd gets sassy, Lech looks gassy (and Wacom STILL doesn’t know where the GD $500 dollar Cintiq stand is)



  1. Todd Maccarone

    Sheesh- everyone’s on everyone else’s case in this page! Still, it’s kinda funny seeing Nerd get one in over Lech… but smacking him with a goose (especially a live one) is not cool!

  2. T-Shaw

    His what now?

  3. Sterling Rodd

    Okay, I’m just going to ask… under exactly what circumstances would Sara be relating this to Nerd in the first place? Just how busy are these bears getting lately? :)

  4. Bearfan88

    People here still waiting for the books 3-4-5 of bearnuts….

  5. speedcoreidolater

    Glad the site’s back up. I would have been immensely upset if the series ended right when we learn that Crack is a goose whisperer.

    Yeah, Sara doesn’t like Nerd but she needs someone to make fun of Lech to and Cara’s probably heard all her jokes already. Probably the same reason Lech has a sudden interest in Crack, really – happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  6. Nila Foxy

    “Fight fight fight”
    Also aside from attitude Nerd & formal Lech. – I like how Crack is just on level with this goose. To think of how far he’s come with all geese in his past.
    Also… Remember when this chapter was about “Death bear”?

  7. SuperBH

    I love how Crack and the goose are sharing expressions each time.

  8. Murphy

    @Nila I love how cracks progress is going.
    Also Death already had his backstory.

  9. Sterling Rodd

    Re: Cintiqs. I never understood why Wacom let a single one of those things out the door WITHOUT a stand. To me, it’s like selling you car and THEN asking if you want axles, tires, and rims to go with it. What the hell is anyone supposed to do with a Cintiq WITHOUT A STAND? Watch it rock back and forth on the table as you move the pen around? Seriously, just up the price and make it standard. Making it an expensive afterthought it just an insult to the artist. It’s the kind of **** Apple pulls. No one (else) should sink that low. >:/

  10. Kaouse

    I love how Evil is straight up expecting Lech to react with violence when Nerd starts getting uppity.

  11. Nicole

    @T-Shaw: lol, right?! Good to see our bears back to normal! :D
    Don’t worry, @Nila–we’ll get back to Death. <3

  12. Kath McGill


    Someone just got Goosed..

  13. Shadowydreamer

    I’d say “The poor goose!” .. but it’s a Canada Goose and those things are just pure evil.

  14. gridsleep

    Considering Evil is half goat and has a fondness for knives (Wai so serious?) I have to wonder why Lech is so incautious toward him, but then Lech appears to be the instigator of violence in most encounters. Yet, he is whipped by Gay. Maybe machismo is a synonym for “thin skinned.”

  15. Eeveeevolutionlover

    I’m calling it now: all the chaos happening nearby him is going to cause Death to wake out of his daze JUST so he can yell at them for how loud/annoying they are being! ^_^

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