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April 5th, 2021

Page 780

Happy belated April Fool’s and Easter! Under lockdown here so I made brownies and the boys decorated them with eggs and candy and the very centre was surprisingly still raw so we had extra gooey brownies and a good time was had by all. The weather this week is supposed to be gorgeous the whole week and I have a crazy batch of scenes to work on with lots of camera moves and complicated fielding plus pages for an unrelated comic job plus other misc stuff (like this comic) so I’ll likely be spending most of this week indoors, but at least the view outside will be sunny.

April Fools Shirt Woot derby ends tonight but you can still VOTE for my newest Unstealthiest Ninja design! I subbed it a day late and it’s pretty low in the group and doesn’t have a chance of winning BUT every vote still helps maybe snag it an honourable mention spot so please go VOTE if you have a min (and an Amazon account).

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe and healthy spring! :D



  1. Nila Foxy

    Ohohohoh… That’ll do it!
    Lets get ready for a brawl

  2. kat

    YEAAAA action finally

  3. T-Shaw

    It’s the big fight! PROZAC VS KARA VS DEATH!

  4. richard SF

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls- “Let’s get ready to rummmmblllle!”

  5. Nila Foxy


  6. Treascair

    Seeing a *surprised* super-charged Death is… terrifying in itself for a whole HOST of reasons.

  7. Murphy

    Is…is it just me or is Pro-hulk larger than normal?

  8. Matti

    I am very worried that either:
    Will get very hurt as a result of this…
    I await the angst

  9. EvilDM

    DeathZilla vs. Cara Kong vs. ProHulk XD

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Well, this is going to get ugly… I can only imagine the carnage that is coming! Hate to see what will be destroyed…

  11. Plethora

    I was afraid they’d team up.

  12. gridsleep

    Godzilla v Queen Kong and now King Kong. We lose more airports that way.

  13. Kaouse

    Lech literally leaped across Evil in order to shield Gay with his own body.

    Sure, he’s probably taking his role as protector seriously and is thus probably trying to protect all of them, but still, I thought it was a pretty nice gesture.

  14. gridsleep

    @Kaouse Gay picked up Vanity and is running with him, so that’s a really noble act.

  15. Nicole

    DeathZilla made a mistake in hitting ProHulk with rocks, but I understand the knee-jerk reaction–he scary!!! This is going to be one heck of a smack down.

    @Murphy: Yes, he’s about triple-sized from the previous page. The bears were trying to agitate him up to be on par with DeathZilla and WereCara.

  16. n0083rp00f

    At more than triple his normal hulking out we see sparky Death regaining consciousness of his surroundings.
    I predict his self-preservation instincts and rational mind take over.
    As for Queen Kong it will either be:
    – A solid spike to the head planting her in-place and possibly rendering her unconscious
    – A wresting match with more collateral damage, Angry Bear gets more angry and bigger, and then ending with a classic Hulk slamming her back and forth until Queen Kong goes unconscious and shrinks back to normal size.

  17. MicaXIII

    this is kinda epic, a kaiju battle between three characters! …and have all kinda been part of the same low-key love-triangle.

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