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April 12th, 2021

Page 781

I starting writing this arc months ago and I no idea what the release schedule of ‘Godzilla Vs King Kong’ would be (actually didn’t realize at all that it was coming as I’m not up to speed on the current run of monster movies) so all the questions/comments about my linking this situation to the movie make me laugh – total silly coincidence…which I’m going all in for in an upcoming page :)

We’re into lockdown number 3 here, getting a bit more serious as the variants are starting to sweep through- everyone be safe and carry on, we’re almost through this! Although, honestly, if I could go to a restaurant tomorrow with 50 friends…I don’t think I could do it. I’m going to need some adjustment time to re-figure out “normal” :(

Grab the new ‘Unstealthiest Ninja: Prankster‘ tee from Shirt Woot’s April Fool’s derby!

Vote incentive: it’s a mole cause we need more mole designs apparently

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