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March 29th, 2021

Page 779

Apparently today is the day to unload and come clean. Prozac’s dependancy on escalation seems problematic at best…
Last weekend was beautiful and warm and sunny and we got so much outdoor time :) This weekend was cold and rainy and they’re calling for snow overnight. Joy. I’m tired.

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  1. T-Shaw

    Really Evil? Thinking about yourself too much.

  2. Murphy

    Okay 1. Lech mixed pills with alcohol in his system, HOW IS HE NOT DEAD!!

    2. Gay committing credit card fraud, for vanity?

    3. Evil hired a stripper wtf!? lmao!

  3. Nila Foxy

    (I’d expect the stripper thing from Lech)
    Not sure if that last one is enough, but we shall see next page.

  4. Nila Foxy

    Also again- Lech is being the sensible one here? Scary..

  5. richard SF

    Um…Okay I think I see where this is going- “The madder ProHulk gets- the bigger and stronger ProHulk gets”. What happens when ProHulk can’t cool down anymore?

  6. Treascair

    All I can hear is a growled “What. Else?”

  7. Chasey

    Hey, whoa, okay, Lech! I can confirm that Prozac sometimes make one a bit “clogged!” Ha. I love that he added that detail, too funny.

  8. nox

    here in confessions today

  9. IWX

    @Murphy: Could be Chapter 37. Vanity went to get peacock feathers, not realizing how aggro those birds are. Gay went to save him, but not before bashing his face in for all the comments about how old, haggard, and blemished Gay was. When Vanity attempted to retaliate, they both fell into the peacock enclosure and got mauled. Gay’s overspending on facial product was probably either due to that specific incident or from self-consciousness from Vanity’s insults from the very start.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Man… These guys have really made some major mistakes. Leaves you to wonder if the others have any major screw-ups they’ve hidden…

  11. Nicole

    I wondered how they were going to get Prozac up to kaiju size! Oh, boy…!

  12. Plethora

    Oh no! He looks even more menacing than the Cara werebear!

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