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January 11th, 2021

Page 768

Maybe this one will be different and Death will TOTALLY have had a happy and uneventful childhood :)

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  1. Nila Foxy

    Yes! Let the origin of Death bear, begin~
    (aww >< baby Death too cute! & his sis… It couldn't be?)

  2. T-Shaw

    AWW! Death and his sister look so cute together.

  3. kat

    i remember you confirming on twitter that his backstory is super messed up so KSKSKNSKADF IM NOT READY

  4. masterreviewer1000

    Oh yeah! We’re doing this right now! It’s Bear Nuts backstory time! Why is it whenever a character is either facing trauma, about to die or something worse is about to happen that now it’s the perfect time to explain what the hell’s wrong with them and what caused this to happen in the first place? I don’t have a problem with it. It’s just something I noticed.

  5. Roscuro

    I’ve been waiting years for this!

  6. richard SF

    Someones’s little sister looks a little familiar.

  7. Murphy

    I can tell where this is going already.

    Death’s little sister dies by his mother for being weak
    and in Vengence Death kills his own mother with his power he got from his sisters death
    the power of a strong hopeful soul turning him into the giant glowing beast we saw.

  8. TailaBlu

    Oh, this is gonna hurt. I just feel it.

  9. tsophietsize

    noooooooo alison nooooooo
    my heart…

    I do love the origin stories though, I was hoping for a death one when I saw that last panel and end?
    Dang is this comic good.

  10. KathYohneke

    Why do I feel this ends poorly for the sister? D:

  11. S.L

    I smell hurt and I do not consent to the tiny Death murdering my soul.

  12. Chasey

    Wait, peeps are saying his sis looks familiar? To who? Help please! I just woke up and I don’t recall another *girl* bear that color. D:

  13. Todd Maccarone

    Another origin story- most excellent. Surprising that Death had a bad mom- usually, it’s the father that’s the problem parent for bear families. And as for Death’s little sister… You don’t need to be a genius to detect potential tragedy.

  14. cameron young

    nice new page alison
    hope you are doing well in this absolute insanity that is this world
    luv ya hun, and cant wait to see more of baby death

  15. Nicole

    the agony that this page preludes………did any of the other arcs start with a terrible mom???
    Oh, little baby Death! Alison, you are an amazing storyteller! Okay. *steels self* I’m ready.

  16. Jordan

    That last panel really hits a certain way knowing how touch-starved adult Death is and what a big deal it is for him to just get a hug or have someone touch him voluntarily :/

    Wild speculation time/reading too much into details time: His sister’s eyes reminds me of the colors used for his death touch. She’s got to be a catalyst for him gaining his powers somehow, but I wonder if she’s going to be literally the source of them through some sort of horrible FMA absorption/transmutation.

  17. Leaf

    Oh no. Oh nononono.

  18. n0083rp00f

    Jordan – No! No no no no no NO NO NO NO!!!! Do NOT go THERE! NO!

    Being that this little “flashback” was triggered by a discharge of an “juiced up” taser.
    My guess is that the “shocking” revelation will involve tangling with downed High Tension power lines or someone left open the access door to the transmitter shack of a very high power radio station.

    Radio Frequency energy is no laughing matter except in hindsight.
    As Homer Simpson put it “Its funny because I don’t know the guy.”

    Warning gross yet funny anecdote.
    Do not read past here

    FM station transmitter went down in the wee hours of the morning.
    Service tech went out and saw the tower door open, crowbar beside the doorway in the wet grass, sneakers embedded into the once melted asphalt in front of the doorway.
    So that is what the leakage emf of an old tyme 40KW transmitter can do.
    Yeah security and safety interlocks were added soon after as well as a transmitter upgrade.

  19. Plethora

    His sister ressembles Lech.

  20. Hake Feretto

    Wooo… as a manga-reader I’m perfectly able to feel when something will turn bad, when it begin like this with a love betwee two-young characters and in a flashback it generaly not end well >x w>….

    I’m not ready for the next but it’s necessary for the main-story continue so I’ll do my best for not cry at the end TwT….

  21. foxpen

    After all this time… at last! We learn of DEATH!

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