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January 4th, 2021

Page 767

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to warmer weather and a prompt shot in the arm (no idea yet when we’ll get there, currently in another lockdown for the month so, yeah. 2020 suckiness oozes on). Still doing better than Death of course! If you follow us on Patreon you’d have seen this sneak peak a little earlier. I got a couple of notes about how tasers don’t work like that and yes, agreed. I did a bit of research about taser effects (that’s some entertaining videos) but considering this is an Evil special edition and Death has his own properties…well, some artistic liberty and open-mindedness about the electrical aura of a talking bear is required ;)

Vote Incentive: R2D2 gets a new friend!

New design (back to my Mini Melee roots!) NINJA ATTACK! available at Shirt Woot till Jan 8th on tees and tote bags:  (did you catch both Unstealthiest Ninja call backs??)


  1. Nila Foxy

    That’s right BN fans… Meet (Electro) super Death bear!
    *Attack on Titans, music plays*

  2. T-Shaw

    “Change? Yep. Big Change!”

  3. Nila Foxy

    The end of this chapter? … Think it’s about time for one~
    The end of the Rescue arc? … NOT!
    ( What would be most amusing… Is if next chapter brings out a Death origin. :p )

  4. Murphy

    Welp, someone call an exorcist Death is possessed!

  5. Brian Hibbs

    Looks kind of badass

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