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January 18th, 2021

Page 769

DON’T WORRY, Baby Death will be FINE.  And I somehow deleted most of the comments from two updates ago so if you notice that it’s not because I didn’t like your comments, it’s because I’m dumb.
Apparently we have a polar vortex incoming so I guess not a bad time for a lockdown. We can deal and all, but if my 8 month old niece starts walking when we’re not able to visit with them I’m going to be sad(der). Though her current thing is high pitched non stop shrieking and her mom says we’re lucky not to be around for that…

New design up on Shirt Woot and Teepublic (Do we really need to wait a WHOLE year for more?? Boo)




  1. Nila Foxy

    poor Death bear… fate is taking a dark turn disguised as a good fortune~

  2. Nila Foxy

    Also Death’s mom is a bitch…

  3. Murphy

    Ohhh…so death’s mother was strict and aggravated because of land developers,
    eventually all the constant moving and stress wore her down until death had to hunt for himself and his little sister only because his mom’s body finally gave out. Dark, but it will only continue from there i’m thinking.

  4. masterreviewer1000

    Wow. Never thought this comic would create the animal version of a trailer trash mother. I’m honestly impressed.

  5. T-Shaw

    Taking care of himself and his sister during tough times is heartbreaking.

  6. Nicole

    I am sooo worried!

  7. mersharr

    Is it pick-a-nick baskets?

  8. Aldin

    “He discovered the forbidden bounty…”

    I’m calling human pets as the forbidden bounty.

  9. Hake Feretto

    Hmmm well all those human activity explain the mother’s mood… she is probably tired to change house all time. Animal don’t like feel stressed and it have a very bad impact on theyr attitude, they can become very aggressive and it’s exactly the case for our mother here.

    She is just fully tired of everything….fortunatly death have take the hunt job , without it his syst had no life very long. But now Death is tired to hunt I feel the bad stuff coming…like a captured death unable to go back home and protect hir syst….

    Yeah we come close of the sad part of the story….now we can only wait and see. Thanks Alison for this very well writed comic, each of your characters are realy well detailed in theyr BG and we understand now how they finished like they are now. I’ll wait patiently the next page and get ready for endure what seem be the saddest backstory of all this beautiful comic UwU !

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Seems my theory on Death’s mom was wrong… Sorry, Death’s mom. I can only imagine how bad things must have gotten… Still, this leaves me to wonder- was Death’s sister slain by humans, or by him when he had no control of his powers? It boggles the mind.

  11. gridsleep

    We had to wait a whole year for one single hour of Doctor Who, and that was mostly touchy feely talking. Ugh.

  12. Nicole

    @mersharr: I was thinking the same thing! :D

  13. Gultron

    Poor Death

  14. Plethora

    I wouldn’t have imagined his past that way.

  15. Disloyal Subject

    “DON’T WORRY, Baby Death will be FINE.”

    I can’t help but worry when the same provision is not made for his sister….

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