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October 26th, 2020

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Intrigue! Drama! Meltdowns! That’s our house all the time lately, minus the intrigue :P

Halloween is going to be pretty quiet on our street this year. The kids aren’t seemingly upset, though Sam is pissed about the whole full moon on the holiday happens once every 19 years injustice and he definitely wants to just go for a walk, lol. No asking about still dressing up or if we’re still going to get a box of mini chocolate, etc. I guess we’re all used to Covid by now.
I did go to Bulk Barn to get them some candy (if you’re not familiar with it’s like a bulk foods/spices/baking supplies thing). They always have fun stuff like gummy skulls/spiders and a huge variety of chocolates and stuff-and it was all gone! All they had left was a bin of candy corn. I could swear I didn’t go later than I usually do :(
All my favourite squash was gone way earlier this fall too, dammit.
Any of you have some fun alternative Halloween plans?

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  1. kat

    firstly, i’m glad they’re accepting it :) cant say the same for my younger siblings.. as i’m designated babysitter.
    secondly, you surprisingly made serial killers cute
    lastly. i’m calling it. it’s cara’s thing huh ;))

  2. Murphy

    Wait…Why is the blood moon so important for a need to warn them?

    A blood moon is a total lunar eclipse that only happens twice a year,
    so unless the last blood moon happened before the girls were shipped,
    I really don’t understand what’s the problem here, Allison!

  3. Deyo

    Ok, who is the werewolf?

  4. Nila Foxy

    . . . Oh fuck. If Sara is the one scared about it then that means it must involve… Cara!
    Crack… I thought you were over being THIS paranoid?…
    Ah, so that’s where Gimp has been this whole time.

  5. Nicole

    Could the blood moon affect our Cara? Oh noes!

    @alison: I hope your family has a sweet Halloween, nonetheless! :)

  6. Vausch

    Hoo boy. Guessing Cara’s got herself a little secret that doesn’t bode well for others during a lunar eclipse.

  7. T-Shaw

    I’m not that smart. Will the blood moon make the bears crazy? Or a certain bear? Again, not so smart.

  8. Chasey

    I feel like she’s either about to say “lol just kidding!” or it’s definitely something that involves Cara, because if it involved any of the other bears who’ve been living together for years now, they’d already know what the issue is.
    But, seriously, “blood” moon? It’s gotta be something with Cara, right? Right?? Heh…

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Crack still has freakout troubles, Cara might be a bit crazy (or worse) during the blood moon and- for all we know -the gang is in serious trouble. This is gonna be crazy good!

  10. anonymousethatscurriesinthedarkness

    As has been pointed out, a blood moon is a total lunar eclipse.
    So combine full moon with eclipse and we get some major lunacy happening.
    If it is Cara of the uppity up up and the downdidy down down mood swings, I envision her going full Tasmanian Devil during this period, which may or may not be hulking/monstering out like some of our other bears when they get into their “special” frame of mind.

  11. gridsleep

    They have computers and can steal a car, but they don’t carry cell phones?

    Good. Bad. Is there an Indifferent side of the Force? That would be me.

  12. Warrior of Light

    I wonder if Cara is the next one to go crazy now?

  13. Nicole

    I wonder if Cara is going to hulk out?! :o

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