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October 19th, 2020

Page 756

Finally, a change of venue! I was starting to get sick of drawing car seats :)

I’m starting to think about Christmas designs now and posting some work in progress stuff and random sketches on our Patreon page first; check it out and follow us there if you want to see part 2!
Part 1 is below: these are roughs I’m working on to add to an existing series. Feel free to post comments about which ones you’d like, or suggestions for ideas I’ve missed :)  You can find the older designs at our Neato shop.


  1. rugibess

    um, hmm

  2. kat

    so good to see them again! i love their interactions in this page.
    also cute concepts :P i’d love to own a shirt with those designs

  3. Nila Foxy

    (Alison it’s zoomed in weird)
    lulululul Sara & Nerd getting some humor quality time.
    & what you talking about Crack? The laptops?

  4. Nila Foxy

    (Ohhhhhh.. It’s cause it’s bigger. That’s why.)

  5. Murphy

    Okay…does anybody else just see the image zoomed in times like…10!

    i’m not crazy right…or is it just my computer?

  6. T-Shaw

    At least they’re changing his story.

  7. Kath McGill

    May want to check the page.
    Only showing 1 st. left hand panel and half.
    Rest is cut off.

    Other panels load fine.


  8. Athlone

    There is something wrong with the picture, its too big for the screen

  9. Suzume

    Hey is it just me or is the image a much larger format than it usually is? Is this a permanent chance or just a glitch?

  10. Lucario

    I hope you fix it soon. There’s seem to be something wrong with the upload :3

  11. Chasey

    Well, I got here at 5:56am (EST) and I see the comic just fine so I think it’s fixed? Everybody refresh?

  12. Kaouse

    For those having problem with the comic, right click and click on “Open image in new tab.”

    That should allow you to see the entire comic.

  13. Todd Maccarone

    So that’s what everyone else is getting up to. Clever work, to protect Vanity from two different perspectives. Nice job, everyone!

  14. Black Pete

    I love how Nerd tries to calm Crack down by fueling his phobia. Smartly written.

  15. anonymousethatscurriesinthedarkness

    On the T ideas

    Spiderman chin in hand harumphing beside Venom being venom [you already know what I mean] – add Spidergwen with goofy holiday grin and her arms hugging them both together.

    Minions and Bananas – nuff said – my sis insisted I mention them

    Warcraft – could be done as a pair of matching shirts one facing left and the other right – Garrosh Hellscream the ORC Warcheif – Anduin Lothar the last Arathi King of the Alliance – Swearing at each other wouldn’t be very festive but neeners and raspberries would be fun – of course the appropriate winter hats in green or red.

  16. Nicole

    Nerd, what are you doing to Crack?

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